Easy Halloween Paper Garland

Need a fancy and easy way to decorate your classroom or your home for Halloween? Learn how to make this easy Halloween paper garland!

This cool Halloween craft is perfect to do in the classroom as each student can create their own addition to the garland. Nothing beats a group classroom craft activity. It will make your classroom stand out and will fill students with pride.

Easy Halloween Paper Garland

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Are your kids excited about all the Halloween activities they are doing? Add this fun garland idea to their repertoire and decorate your home or your classroom with the coolest DIY Halloween garland ever.

What’s great about this easy paper garland is the fact that it’s frugal to make. All you really need is paper, glue and scissors (as well as thread for hanging the garland).

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How to Make an Easy Halloween Paper Garland

What you need:

  • paper in different colors
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional googly eye stickers

The base of this garland is to make a paper ball using paper strips. From there, you can make a selection of different Halloween characters

Here are a few tutorials for making specific characters;

Step by Step Tutorial

In order to make a paper ball you will need four strips of paper that are about equal in width and length. If you are making a spider make it 6 as two will be used for the legs.

We made our paper strips by cutting a letter-sized sheet of paper along the shorter length and they are about a thumb wide.

Align the four paper strips and fold them in half to make a crease in the middle. This will make the next steps easier.

Take the first paper strip and apply glue on the crease.

Take the second one and stick it on (crease on crease) at a right angle.

Add the other two at a 45° angle in the same manner.

Let’s make the loops. Hold two ends of the same paper strip, apply glue on one end, and loop them together. Hold together for a moment for the glue to set.

Repeat with all the other paper strips.

For the last one, press the paper ball down on the middle, this will make it easier for it all to stick togeher.

All done! Your paper ball is ready to be transformed into a fun Halloween character.

And once you have enough, string them together (just run the string through the cracks on the balls) into a wonderful Halloween paper garland.

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