Disguise a Turkey as a Football Player Printable Template

This turkey is ready to play ball! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, turkeys are searching for the perfect disguise to avoid becoming dinner. Print out our disguise a turkey as a football player printable template and make a sport-themed disguise for your turkey.

This is a wonderful Thanksgiving activity that lets your kids make a fun craft as well as gives them a writing assignment where they can write what the disguise is all about and why it works.

Disguise a Turkey as a Football Player Printable Template

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Turkey in disguise is a fun Thanksgiving activity based on a popular book Turkey Trouble. The aim of this activity is to make a disguise for the turkey so that the turkey won’t be recognized and will successfully avoid becoming dinner.

We’ve shared many fun characters already, like the mermaid and our unicorn and now a sporty turkey in disguise that boys and girls will love joins the ranks.

Disguise a Turkey as a Football Player Printable Template

This lovely football player disguised turkey hides behind a helmet and a large jersey. No one will be able to recognize the turkey behind this outfit.

How to Assemble the Disguise a Turkey as a Football Player Printable Template

What you need

  • our printable template – this one is available as a free printout, and you can grab it at the end – or you can opt for our whole set with more than 25 characters
  • coloring supplies
  • glue
  • scissors

You can print this on regular print paper, however, we feel it works even better on cardstock.

Color in the accessories – the football ball, the jersey, the helmet, and the shoes. If your kids have a favorite team, they can choose the colors accordingly, if not any color combination works.

Print the sheet with a turkey. We’ll use this one to make the disguise. First, have the kids color the tail feathers. We chose green so that the tail looks like the football field.

As this disguise covers all other parts, kids don’t have to color them (but they can if they want to). Cut out this turkey and the football disguise.

Let’s put the disguise on. Apply glue, either on the turkey or parts of the disguise.

Jersey first…

And then all other details, with the optional football coming last.

Now take the sheet with text overlay and have the kids color it to look like a regular turkey. There’s a dashed line on that sheet, you need to fold along that line.

Apply glue in the center of the folded part.

Take the football player turkey disguise and stick it on top of the regular looking one.

Now this turkey can take his or her disguise on or off at any time! One second a turkey…

Disguise a Turkey as a Football Player

…and the next a football player. No turkeys here!

Disguise a Turkey as a Football Player Printable Craft

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