Turkey Puppet Printable Template

It’s time to start putting your craftiness to work. Thinking of a new craft, especially around the holidays can be interesting. Go ahead and check out this Turkey Puppet Printable Template.

The fact that you can make your own turkey at home is fabulous! The kids can spend hours talking with this turkey because he is a puppet and he has a lot to say.

Turkey Puppet Printable Template for Kids


Turkeys are actually really cute creatures that make excellent puppets. Kids love coloring and creating puppets, so this craft is going to be a hit with everyone you know!

How to Make a Turkey Puppet

What you need:

  • Printable template
  • crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • glue

Step by Step Instructions

Your first step to doing this fun kid’s craft is to print out the template. Once you print this out, the fun can begin!

There is a lot of wiggle room with this craft, so just let the kids have as much fun with it as they want.

It may take some time to color, but once the turkey puppet is colored, you and your child can start to make it into a puppet.

Take the time to ensure the extra parts of the turkey are also colored.

If your child isn’t old enough to cut out on there own, you may need to assist them. Cutting out the parts of the turkey is up next!

Take the body of the turkey and fold it. You will follow the lines on the puppet.

This is where you are going to fold the puppet.

At this point, fold it until you have a long shaped turkey. Fold on the dotted lines to help make a crease.

Add glue where it says “glue.”

Make sure the white part is facing out.

Make sure the colored part is on the inside.

Start folding, almost like an accordion.

Fold along the dotted line, until an “M” shape is formed.

Glue on the turkey feathers.

Glue on the turkey’s head, tongue, and beak.

Your Turkey puppet is complete. You can put your first two fingers in the top slit and your thumb in the bottom slit to make it work.

As you can see, the final version of this Turkey puppet is adorable and ready to have fun!

Turkey Puppet Printable

Gobble, gobble!

Turkey Puppet Printable Template

Get the Turkey Puppet Printable Template


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