Disguise a Turkey as a Witch Printable Template

If your kids are not quite ready to let go of the spooky season, you can draw inspiration from past holidays to make this cool Thanksgiving craft. This disguise a turkey as a witch printable template lets your kids transform an ordinary turkey into a not-so-scary-looking witch.

This is a great Thanksgiving writing activity to go along with one of the most fun books for this season: Turkey Trouble.

Disguise a Turkey as a Witch

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Turkey in disguise printables are so much fun. Putting together a clever outfit for the turkey to conceal itself. We shared a mermaid turkey just a while ago, and now it’s time for another fairy tale character to step forward – a not-so-wicked witch.

Disguise a Turkey as a Witch Template

What’s super fun about this craft template is you can make it in a way that you can put the disguise on and off of the turkey. Kids will love this.

Disguise a Turkey as a Witch Printable Template

They can use just the outline of the turkey or the template, which has an “I am not a turkey, I am…” text overlay, which works great with the writing prompt included.

Turkey in Disguise Witch Printable

How to Use the Disguise a Turkey as a Witch Printable Template

  • our printable template (you can grab near the end of this tutorial)
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue

Construction paper/cardstock is best for this project; however, you can use regular print paper just fine.

Step by Step Tutorial

Print the parts of the templates you will be using for making this witch turkey.

The first thing that needs to be done is for the templates to be colored in. Color one turkey (the sheet with the text or the sheet where there is a small rectangle above the turkey) with natural turkey colors.

Next comes the disguise! First, the turkey needs some “make up.” Have the kids color it in a selection of witch skin tones; greens are great, but there really are no rules here.

Pick the outfit parts from the accessories sheet and color them in.

Cut out the clothes and accessories.

Apply glue on each of the chosen clothes and accessories and stick them on the turkey in disguise.

We started with the robe.

And then added all the other parts. The nose is especially clever as it disguises the beak!

Now, take the sheet with the turkey without a disguise. Fold it along the dashed line.

Apply glue just under the turkey’s belly.

And stick the disguised turkey on top of it, neatly aligning it with the turkey that’s behind.

Pretty cool right? Open and close the craft to reveal the turkey behind the disguise!

Turkey in Disguise Witch

A handy writing paper is also included that can be glued under the sheet and allows the kids to write about the disguise.

Turkey in Disguise Witch Template

Get Even More Outfits

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