Disguise a Turkey as a Snowman Printable Template

Do you want to build a (turkey) snowman? With this disguise a turkey as a snowman printable template, your kids sure can! It will be cute as a button.

This one is one of our many disguise-a-turkey printables, with this particular one looking ahead at colder times of the year. Ready to transform your turkey? Read on!

Disguise a Turkey as a Snowman Printable Template

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We already shared a mermaid disguise as well as a witch turkey disguise one and now it’s time for a snowman. If your kids are fans of snowmen or Frozen and Olaf, they might want to learn how to disguise a turkey as a snowman – and with our printable, it really is easy peasy.

What makes our printable super fun is the fact that the disguise can be put on and off. One moment you have your regular-looking turkey and then with a simple flip of a paper a snowman disguise is put on.

Disguise a Turkey as a Snowman Printable Craft for Kids

How to Assemble the Disguise a Turkey as a Snowman Printable Template

What you need

  • our printable template (grab it near the end of the tutorial – either just the snowman or our whole set of 25+ characters)
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out all the necessary printouts. Heavier print paper or construction paper is best, but this particular project works well even if it’s printed on regular print paper.

You will need one regular looking turkey. Have the kids color in the printout with “I am not a turkey, I am…” or the printout with the turkey with a rectangle on top in a way that it looks like a regular turkey.

Crayons, markers or coloring pens all work out great.

Have the kids color the printout with the snowmen parts as well as another turkey outline.

The outline of the turkey should have a white body. You can add details to the tail; we added a few light blue accents to make the tail look like piles of snow. Lines to make the tail look like an igloo would work well as well.

Now let’s disguise the turkey as a snowman. Hide the legs with a large ball of snow.

A large carrot hides the beak. Add the finishing touches by adding buttons, twigs and a fancy-looking hat on top.

Take the printout with the regular looking turkey. Make a fold following the dashed line.

Apply glue on the folded part, just bellow the turkey’s belly.

Now take the snowman and stick it on the folded part, carefully aligning it with the turkey underneath.

Pretty cool right?

Disguise a Turkey as a Snowman Printable

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