Crocodile Paper Plate Craft

How fun is this paper plate crocodile? It’s super easy to make and it looks kind of awesome!

Paper plate crafts are great for all ages – super simple to make and super sweet looking in the end!


How to make a paper plate crocodile

You will need

  • 2 paper plates + 1 optional for eyes
  • white and red sheet of paper (or red color)
  • pink and green color
  • black marker
  • glue, scissors, pencil

Start of by painting the back sides of both plates green. Once the color dries flip one plate and color it pink. Fold this paper plate so that the pink side is inside.


Cut white paper so that you get zig zag stripes which you’ll use to make the teeth. From red paper cut the tongue. The easiest way to glue on the teeth is to cut the zig zag stripe into smaller stripes (we made it so that each stripe has 3 teeth), bend it and glue it inside the folded paper plate. Glue in the tongue.

Apply the glue on the bottom of the folded paper plate and glue it on top of the other plate.

Now all that’s left to do is the eyes. You can simply draw them on the plate or if you want them to pop out, do as we did and cut them out of the edge of the 3rd plate and glue them on.

You’ve got yourself a fun looking crocodile paper plate craft!

Paper Plate Crocodile Crafts

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