Paper Plate Santa Craft

We’re making the man of the season this time – let’s do the paper plate Santa craft.

He’ll look wonderful along with Rudolph reindeer paper plate craft.
Curled Paper Santa Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate Santa Craft


  • Glue Stick
  • Paper Plate
  • Construction paper in red, black, white, pink
  • Skin colored crayon
  • Red crayon or colored pencil
  • Scissors


Cut out the inner circle of the paper plate, color with the skin colored crayon. This is your santa face!
Add some rosey red cheeks with the red crayon.

Additional cut outs needed:
1 red hat
2 small black circles- for the eyes
1 small pink oval- for the nose
1 pink mouth
8 1″ wide strips of white paper- for the beard
10 1/2″ wide strips of white paper- for the beard and mustache

Paper Plate Santa

Glue the hat, eyes, nose and mouth into place. Allow to dry.
While this is drying, curl a few strips of paper for the hat. Glue on the rim and one on the hat tip.

For the mustache- use 2 1/2″ strips, glue under the nose and curl each end.
TIP* to curl the strips of paper- wrap around your finger, a pencil or paint brush. Then gently loosen.

For the beard- Glue the wide strips on first starting at the side where an ear would be and working around the chin to the other side.
Curl these using the same method as the mustache.
Glue the smaller 1/2″ strips on the beard and curl. These will add some dimension and fullness to santa’s beard!

Paper Plate Santa Craft

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