Cat and Dog Agamograph Template


Agamograph mania continues! We have prepared a new set for you and this one is perfect for pet owners! Go on and print our cat and dog agamograph template and let the fun begin.Cat and Dog Agamograph Printable Template for Kids

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Are your kids dog persons or cat persons? This agamograph is perfect for both.

We love all animals (we do fear some, but still love them ;). But we do have our favorites, when it comes to pets it’s certainly the cats and dogs.

These friendly companions are amazing as they, among all other pets, shine through with their unique and more often than not quirky personalities the most.

We love cats, even when they are being sneaky and only allowing you to pet them 3 times with the 4th stroke being welcomed by their bite. And we love dogs, even when they need to go to the bathroom way to early.

We can’t really pick out favorite, so we can say we’re both cat persons and dog persons.

What about you?

Cat and Dog Printable Agamograph Template

Cat and Dog Agamograph Template

What you need

  • our printable cat and dog agamograph template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial – we have two versions)
  • coloring medium
  • printer
  • paper
  • scissors
  • optional: scoring tool (or a DIY version like we use – two rulers)
  • glue if you decide to go with our cut and paste version

If you are using markers for coloring we recommend using heavier paper as markers tend to bleed through and wrinkle the paper.

For crayons and coloring pencils regular print paper will work well.

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Tips and Tricks

Print our template (you can find it at the very end of this tutorial).

Color in the pictures with your favorite coloring medium.

Score along the lines. It’s best to do it before you cut out the agamograph. You can also skip this step and just fold the paper with our scoring, but this will make the folds more crisp (and precise).

We used a long ruler to make straight lines and a triangle ruler to score the lines. You can also use a toothpick, clay modelling tools or something similar.

Cut out the agamograph.

Fold along the scored lines – zig zagging – accordion fold.

Fold across the whole length and you are done!

Printable Cat and Dog Agamograph Template for Kids

Printable Cat and Dog Agamograph Template

Get the Cat and Dog Agamograph Template Here

Get the version 1 here —> Cat and Dog Agamograph Template – version 1

And the version 2 here —> Cat and Dog Agamograph Template – version 2

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  2. I like your super crafts…thanks for sharing…. I would love to do them with my k2 students this Summerschool

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