Fall Agamograph Template for Kids

The fall is bringing us a variety of colors, so we’ve created a free printable Fall Agamograph Template for your kids to color and create the thematic scenery with.

Agamograph coloring pages are perfect for kids and adults as well, so let have some fun with them!

Printable Fall Agamograph Template Paper Craft for Kids

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If you love the fall, these printable fall themed agamograph templates will surely be a wonderful thing to make with your kids.

The days already got shorter, and nature is changing almost all of the greenery to a variety of mostly brownish shades. And this is also why we love fall – colors, colors everywhere!

For the season we’ve designed two separate fall-themed images. An image of a cute hedgehog with mushrooms in the background and another image full of fallen leaves.

We’ve decided to color this lovely agamograph with the colors that usually “define” fall, such as orange, red, yellow, dark brown, lighter brown and a bit of blue. You can, of course, use the colors you prefer better.

We always try to color the background of each image in different colors, so they get some contrast when you’re viewing them from each angle.

Are you ready? Let’s make this fall agamograph stand out!

Fall Agamograph Template Craft for Kids

How to Make an Agamograph with our Fall Agamograph Template

What you need:

  • our printable fall agamograph template (you can grab it at the very end of this tutorial)
  • coloring medium (pencils, markers, crayons…) (we love Tombow Dual Brush Markers)
  • scissors
  • scoring tool (we usually use something at hand – this time we used a wooden stick with a sharpened tip)
  • printer
  • paper (we used 160 gsm white print paper)

Ready? Let’s start!

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Tips and Tricks on How to Make This Fall Agamograph

Start off by printing out our fall agamograph template (you can find it at the end of the tutorial).

If you don’t have the thicker paper, the regular will work out just fine, so no worries there.

You can get our free printable template at the end of this tutorial and print it out.

We love vivid colors, so we’ve decided to go with a yellow, orange, red, brown, green and a blue marker.

After coloring, cut out the whole image.

We need some scoring along the lines. Use a ruler (or any other straight object) to help you do the crisp folds.

We used a wooden stick with a sharpened tip for the job.

It’s time to use the accordion fold technique.

Use a ruler or a crafting stick to help you fold each piece of the “agamograph puzzle”.

Now start folding all the way to the end of the agamograph template.

Fold it firmly.

Now that you’ve folded the whole art, gently unfold the agamograph (hold each side and “pull it” apart).

Your fall agamograph is done!

Fall Agamograph Template for Kids

Get the Back to School Agamograph Template Here

Click here to open the free printable template; version one and version two.


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