Curly Hair Clown Craft Idea

Clowns are fun all year round, and if you have a circus theme in your classroom, we just know you and your kids are going to love this curly hair clown craft idea (with a template).

Clowns are all about big red noses and fun and silly hair, and that’s what this clown craft is all about.

Your kids can make this one as colorful as they want; it’s a great project to use up colored paper left over from all your other craft projects.

Curly Hair Clown Craft Idea for Kids

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A circus theme can be a fun one, and clowns are one of the more fun crafts for kids you can make when having this theme.

Curly Hair Clown Craft Idea

How to Make the Curly Hair Clown Craft

What you need:

  • our printable template (optional) or a hand-drawn clown face
  • white print paper
  • cardstock in any color
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Prepare a cardstock of your choice. We used white cardstock for the background.

Print out the version your kids prefer – go for the black and white version if they enjoy coloring, or use the full-colored clown face if they’re eager to dive into crafting immediately.

Have kids cut out the clown face.

Then, have them trace the clown face from one ear to the top of the head and then to the other ear with a pencil. This will make making the hair easier.

Apply glue bellow the pencil line.

Glue the colorful paper strips for the clown’s hair.

We used several colors – orange, pink, green, blue, and red, but kids can use any other color they chose.

Start with one strip on the outer side, make a curl.

Then, add a bit of glue to the end of the strip.

And glue the end to the cardboard so it stays curled and in place.

Repeat these steps with all paper strips to create the clown’s hairdo.

Glue on the clown’s face.

The curly hair clown is finished! We love how it turned out!

Curly Hair Clown Craft for Kids

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