4th of July Agamograph Template

Get it from the membership library[/su_button]Ready to celebrate Independence day? We have prepared a fun activity for your kids, just print out 4th of July agamograph template, give them a coloring medium they are comfortable with and let the fun begin.

Making these is really fun and displaying them is even more fun. We made two versions of this one, one that younger kids will feel more comfortable with (preschool and kindergarten) and one for older kids.

4th of July Agamograph Printable Template for Kids

We shared a summer agamograph template with you a couple of days ago and since you loved it so much we are happy to say we have many more in the works. First time seeing an agamograph? It’s a fun paper toy that combines two different images, making one visible depending from which angle you look at it.

They are really easy to make and we sincerely hope our templates will inspire your kids to start creating scenes of their own as this can really be a wonderful art activity.

This one is perfect to give to kids on your Independence day celebration, as it has two USA patriotic designs.

One picture will reveal a patriotic hat.

The second picture will reveal the USA flag.

Ready to make your agamograph? We sure are!

4th of July Agamograph Template

4th of July Agamograph Template

  • our printable 4th of July agamograph template (cut and paste version is suitable for younger kids, all in one agamograph is better for older kids)
  • coloring medium (pencils, markers, crayons…)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • scoring tool (we usually use something at hand, in this case another ruler)
  • printer
  • paper (heavier paper is best, but regular print paper will work out fine)

With the cut and paste version the kids first color the pictures, cut the strips and glue them on the grid (which is then fold).

With one sheet version, the picture is colored and folded.

Ready? Let’s start!

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Tips and Tricks

Print our 4th of July agamograph template. We do recommend that you use heavier paper (we used 120 gsm) if you will color it with markers (as they wrinkle the paper). If using crayons of coloring pencils regular print paper will work well.

You can grab our printable template at the end of this tutorial.

Color in the template.

If you are using the “all in one” printable score along the lines.

If you are using the cut and paste version, cut the pictures and glue them (in order, mixing image one and image two) on the grid. Scoring along the lines isn’t necessary but it will help.

Cut out the agamograph.

Fold into a “spring” – follow the folding lines.

Keep folding until you reach the end.

Once you fold all the way through you are done.

4th of July Agamograph Template for Kids

Get the 4th of July Agamograph Template Here


—-> version 1: 4th-of-July-Agamograph-Template-version-1

—-> version 2: 4th-of-July-Agamograph-Template-version-2

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  1. I love all of the agamographs you have shared. I have tried to print them on my printer with no success. Is there any special way that I don’t know about?? I love doing special art crafts with my young students and I love all the ones you have shared. Please give any suggestions you may have! B Swearingen, Ches. VA

    • Hi! There shouldn’t be any special way, they are just regular PDF’s. In my experience some printers (mine certainly) have a mind of it’s own and don’t play well with some files. If you have a chance to print it on another computer please give it a try.

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