Butterfly Paper Bracelets for Kids

Spring is the time for butterflies and if you are looking for a fun after school (or school) activity, why not make these butterfly paper bracelets for kids!

We have a printable template ready (along with simple instructions too) that kids can decorate on their own to each have their own unique project. Fun, easy and frugal!DIY Butterfly Paper Bracelets for Kids #papercrafts #butterflycrafts #Springcrafts*this post contains affiliate links*

Oh the fluttering butterflies! We love them! And the pretty paper jewellery we love it too. We’ve already shared a whole bunch of paper rings (just check these printable bug paper rings) and have just recently started to do paper bracelets too – you really loved our paper heart bracelet. And as you loved the heart one as much as you did, this butterfly followed.

Butterfly Paper Bracelets for Kids With Template

This one is a perfect creative spring craft activity for kids as it’s really easy to make, lets the kids get creative with designing their very own paper bracelet and, as the bracelet band isn’t glued together, can be worn on many occasions.

We decorated ours with markers (don’t you just love the vivid colors?) but you can use all sorts of different coloring supplies – from crayons to watercolors and you can even go further by adding a gemstone or two (works wonderful on a butterfly).

Butterfly Paper Bracelets PrintableWe decorated two of these butterfly crafts, just to show you a bit of variety. You can make your butterfly bracelet super simple (younger kids in preschool, kindergarten) or add many, many details (no age limit really).

Butterfly Paper Bracelets Printable Template

How to Make Our Butterfly Paper Bracelets for Kids

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the very end of this tutorial)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring and drawing supplies
  • printer
  • heavier print paper / cardstock

Other decorating materials are optional: biodegradable glitter, gemstones…

See the Video Tutorial


Or Go Through Our Step by Step Instructions

Print out our template on heavier print paper (you can get the template at the end of this tutorial).

Decorate the butterflies bellow the bracelets. I have drawn the details with a black marker.

And colored it in with brush markers. Whichever coloring supplies your kids choose, the butterfly bracelets will look wonderful.

Carefully cut out the butterfly.

Also cut out the bracelet.

Take the butterfly again, there is a dashed line in the middle of the butterfly body. Cut along that line to cut the butterfly in half.

Apply glue on the bracelet – on the “blank half butterfly shape”.

Stick the colored butterfly half on the bracelet.

Do the same on the other side.

There are dashed lines on the bracelet too – going half way through on each end of the bracelet. Cut along those dashed lines too.

Now comes the “making the bracelet part” – you need to do this with the bracelet on your wrist. This can be a bit tricky so it’s best if someone else puts the bracelet on your wrist.

What you need to do, is loop the bracelet and slip one slip into the other (the ones you cut on the bracelet, along the dashed lines).

And that is all there is to it. Your butterfly bracelet is ready to be worn around.

Printable Butterfly Paper Bracelets for Kids

Butterfly Paper Bracelets for Kids


Get the Printable Butterfly Bracelets for Kids Here

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