Colorful Paper Butterfly Craft

Flutter into spring with this adorable folded colorful paper butterfly craft.

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Learn How to Make Easy Paper Butterflies with Scrapbook Paper

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These paper butterflies are really easy to make, and to make them perfect each and every time we even have a craft template to share with you. These are great for kids and grown ups to make and they will make a wonderful paper decorations – you can even make a mobile with them.

We recommend you go all out with the colors, get as many different scrap book papers or cardstock in different colors and make a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

How to Make Colorful Paper Butterfly Craft

Learn how to make this colorful paper butterfly craft. Use scrap book paper with different patterns to make amazing little folded paper butterflies.

What you need

  • cardstock or scrapook paper in different colors and pattersn
  • black cardstock
  • scissors
  • craft sticks (mini)
  • glue
  • paint brush
  • black marker
  • hot glue or glue dots (depending on age and skill of your crafters)

Crafting Instructions

Start by painting the craft sticks. Bright paints work best, but you can paint them in any color really. Set them aside for the paint to dry completely.

Paint the Craft Sticks
We’ve made the antennae a bit more detailed, you can make them simpler depending on the age of the child.

For the adorable antennae like ours, cut thin strips of black cardstock as well as punch holes with a hole puncher to get little circles.

Make antennae

Glue the strips onto the back of the craft sticks and then glue a punched circle on top of each paper strip.

Glue on butterfly antennae Print out the eyes template (or use googly eyes or wiggle eye stickers) and glue them onto the craft sticks.

Glue on eyesDraw a nice little smile with a black marker. Set the craft sticks aside.

Happy Butterfly Face
Print out the circle and rectangle template and cut it out. Place on colored paper and trace around the template.

Cut out colorful circles and rectangles.

Prepare Papers
Start folding the papers – start on one side and fold (accordion fold – interchange valley and mountain folds). You will need both shapes to make your paper butterfly.

Glue the top and bottom together. Hold in place for the glue to set (we like to use a clothespin to keep things in place).

Glue together
Once the glue is dry, fan out the wings.

Glue on the craft stick (best with glue gun or glue dots) in the center of the wings.

Yellow Paper Butterfly

Pink Butterfly

Get the Paper Butterfly Craft Template Here

Get the craft template here: colorful paper butterfly craft template

Happy crafting!

Project contributed by Jacquelyn W.

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