Printable Bug Paper Rings for Kids – Craft Template

Time to get just a little bit fancy with our set of printable bug paper rings for kids.

We are back with another set of printable ring templates, this time with a nice set fitting for spring (and summer).Printable Bug Paper Rings for Kids to Make

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Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs and Flowers

Since you loved our printable bunny, chick and egg rings so much, we decided to continue the series! Next in line are these absolutely adorable printable bug paper rings.

As with the previous set, these were really fun to design as they feature 3 of my favorite bugs. Well pretty much the only bugs I am a fan of. Bees more a fan from a far.

If you are a fan of our craft ideas for kids you probably already noticed we have a thing for ladybugs (only a ton of craft ideas to be found on our website) so when it comes to bug printables (and printable crafts) a ladybug is a must! The pre-colored version is cute on it’s own but we really hope your kids will want to color in their own with our black and white craft template. There is absolutely no need to limit yourself with black and red – the possibilities are endless!

The set naturally had to include a butterfly too, not just because it’s one of our favorite bugs but also as it is just so colorful. Again we hope your kids will go color crazy if you print the black and white template. Glitter glue will make this one even nicer!

Next we have the bee (or a bumblebee if that one is your kids favorite). As my grandfather was a beekeeper I am fond of these little cutie pies for more than one reason. But also know how “nicely” they can sting you.

As some bugs need their flowers to rest and recharge (and grab some food while at it) we also included a flower ring in this set.

Excited? Let’s make some paper jewellery!

Cute Printable Bug Paper Rings

How to Make the Printable Bug Paper Rings for Kids

What you need

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of the tutorial)
  • scissors
  • coloring medium if you decided to print the black and white paper ring template
  • paper
  • printer

Watch the Video Tutorial


Follow the Step by Step Instructions

Print one or both of our craft templates.

We printed on heavier print paper (120 gsm) but regular print paper will work out nice for this project.

If you printed our black and white template it’s best to color the rings before cutting. Sot his is the best time to unleash your creativity. We think markers work out nice but crayons will work as well too. You can always go a step further and decorate with some glitter (we are fans of glitter glue here rather than glitter powder that gets everywhere).

Cut out the ring.

Cut all the way round.

To actually make the ring you have to cut halfway at the end of the “gray” ring strip on each end of the strip – on the opposite sides.

All there is left to do is to assemble the ring.

Make a loop and slide the cuts you made in the previous step one into another.

The ring should look complete, if it’s off, un loop it and make the cuts a bit longer.

Printable Bug Paper Rings

These cute Printable Bug Paper Rings are ready to be worn on your hands.

Printable Bug Paper Rings for Kids

Get the Printable Bug Paper Rings Templates Here

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