Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids – Printable Template

Make this Valentines day a stylish one with these heart paper bracelets for kids. This cool paper bracelet can be taken on and off many times so it will be in use for quite some time.

Print out or project template, let your kids get super creative with designing their piece of paper bracelet and watch their eyes shine with pride as they wear it.

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We’ve shared many printable paper rings template with you already (just check these printable bug paper rings – they are sooo fun) and though it was about time to offer something new to go along with them. Enter the paper bracelet!

With Valentines day and Mother’s day just around the corner we though it was fitting to open the series with a heart.

While our paper rings are already designed and ready to wear, we thought the heart should have, well something from the heart. That’s why this one has a blank template that kids have to decorate on their own.

This will make this one a wonderful DIY gift from kids to their friends and family.

We’ve made a few different sizes to fit different age ranges but do keep in mind, not all printers print the same way (and leave things true to size) so do try the sizes before making this with the kids (especially if you will be making these in the classroom).

If you need even larger sizes, extend the paper strips – cut them in half an glue another paper strip between the halves to get a longer bracelet. If you need s smaller one, cut out a piece of paper bracelet and glue the remaining strip together. This is best done with clear tape.

Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids Printable Template

How to Make Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids with Our Printable Template

What you need:

  • our printable heart bracelet template (you can grab it at the end of the tutorial – there are a few different sizes)
  • printer
  • heavier print paper (recommended) or regular print paper
  • coloring supplies (crayons, markers, watercolors…)
  • scissors
  • glue

Clear tape is optional – you can use it to reinforce the bracelet – by taping around the band to make it more durable.

Watch the Video Tutorial


Step by Step How to Instructions

Print our printable paper heart bracelet template (which you can grab at the end of this tutorial).

These are best printed on heavier print paper (100gms+, 70lb+). This will make it easier to color and less likely to get torn apart as kids create their own bracelets.

There are two bracelets per each sheet of paper. Under the bracelets there are two hearts to color/decorate.

If your kids want to make their bracelets in one color, they can just color in the half hearts on the bracelets themselves, if they want more intricate designs let them decorate and color the heart shapes next to the bracelets.

This will make the end design of both halves neat.

All colored in? Happy with the design? Time to cut out the shapes.

You will need one bracelet base and one heart to make on bracelet. Cut them out.

Cut the colored in heart in half (there is a dashed line on the heart but depending on colors used it might not be very visible.

Glue the colored in heart halves onto the heart halves on the bracelet.

Nice and easy. Let the glue dry for a while before you continue.

We don’t want the hearts to move around.

Take the bracelet and scissors. Next to each heart half you will see a dashed line running to the middle of the paper band.

Cut along that dashed line.

Time to put on a bracelet – this last step has to be done on the hand, best by a classmate, teacher or a parent as putting it on by yourself is a bit challenging for younger kids (not impossible).

You need to slide one slit (the ones you made along the dashed lines) one into another.

Printable Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids

DIY Printable Heart Paper Bracelets for KidsGet the Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids Printable Templates Here

Click here to get your craft project template: Heart Bracelets Templates

Happy crafting!

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