Cotton Ball Snowman Craft – DIY Christmas Card

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

This Cotton Ball Snowman Craft makes the cutest little DIY Christmas card ever. It’s cute, it’s fluffy and it’s personal. This project is great to make in the classroom, as a kid made card to give to parents. *this post contains affiliate links* You want to make the cutest card this year, a card that … Read more

Snowman Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Snowman Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

We are taking recycled toilet paper roll crafts to a whole new level with this amazing Snowman Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft – it can’t get cuter than these. These are a great way to put those toilet paper rolls to good use, if you can’t use them for whatever reason, making a paper roll out … Read more

Wood Block Penguin Craft

Wood Block Penguin

This Wood Block Penguin Craft is insanely easy to make and will look great on your porch (or balcony or wherever) , no matter if it’s made by you or by your kids. It’s easy peasy! We shared a similar wood block snowman craft a while a go, and this one makes it’s perfect companion. … Read more

Craft Stick Snowman – Easy Snowman Craft for Kids

Craft Stick Snowman

Prepare to be swept of your feet by these cuties – grab a few jumbo craft sticks and make this adorable Craft stick snowman. These cuties are a great craft for preschool and kindergarten and can be used for bookmarks too. *this post contains affiliate links* These adorable snowmen are a great Christmas craft too, … Read more

Wood Block Snowman Craft – The Best Christmas Craft this Season

Bring new life to scrap wood (or get wood blocks from the store) by making this gorgeous wood block snowman craft!  This adorable little Christmas craft will make a wonderful decoration for your home, and it’s really easy to make! *this post contains affiliate links* This project is great both for kids and adults, and … Read more