Galaxy Butterfly Pom Pom Craft

Galaxy Butterfly Pom Pom Craft Idea for Kids

Love space and butterflies? Make this galaxy butterfly pom pom craft! These are insanely cute, sparkly and can be used both as a crafting session or as a simple art project for kids to make. And it comes with a butterfly template! *this post contains affiliate links* This project is perfect to use to teach … Read more

Colorful Paper Butterfly Craft

Yellow Paper Butterfly

Flutter into spring with this adorable folded colorful paper butterfly craft. See all of our butterfly craft ideas *this post contains affiliate links* These paper butterflies are really easy to make, and to make them perfect each and every time we even have a craft template to share with you. These are great for kids … Read more

Egg Carton Flowers – Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

How to make flowers out of egg carton

Recycled crafts are the best crafts. If you’ve got a couple of egg cartons laying around (or similar) use them to make this gorgeous egg carton flowers. No need to use the egg carton either, we use this term very loosely as a variety of cartoons will do the same job – some drink holders, … Read more

Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph Template

Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph Template Craft

Learning about the life cycle of a ladybug? Make things interesting and  get to know these beautiful bugs through our ladybug life cycle agamograph template. Making the ladybug agamograph will help your kids to understand how this adorable creature grows and will definitely keep them busy for some time! *this post contains affiliate links* Have you ever found … Read more

Printable Bugs Finger Puppets

Printable Bugs Finger Puppets Craft

With all the joys this warm season brings, the time is just right to make some fun bug crafts. Enjoy the outdoors or indoors by playing with our cute printable bugs finger puppets! Kids will definitely love coloring, making and playing with these adorable mini beasts. *this post contains affiliate links* Nature is already crawling up … Read more