Paper Lantern Frog

This Paper Lantern Frog craft is a great way to decorate for spring or when you feel like crafting with your kids!

This craft is ideal for any child who loves crafting and can’t wait for spring to get here.

Paper Lantern Frog Craft

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Once you know how to make this paper lantern frog, you’ll be so excited to make several of them.

It is an excellent craft for a big group or individual craft!

Now you can hop into spring with this fantastic frog!

How to Make the Paper Lantern Frog


What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the frog lantern template.

If your child prefers to color the frog, then make sure you print out the black and white frog template. 

You can print out the “already colored” version of the frog template. 

Fold the lined piece in half. The child may need a little help with this part, and that’s okay! 

Once it’s folded in half, you can cut on each line. Make sure that you don’t cut through the non-dashed line! 

Take glue and apply it.

Place the lines you previously cut and glue the whole piece of paper onto the stomach piece of the frog. 

Add more glue to the side.

It would be best if you circularly folded the piece of paper. 

Take the frog’s legs and fold them accordion style. 

Make sure you fold both legs of the frog as an accordion. 

Now you’ll want to glue the head.

It’s time to glue the arms on the frog. 

The final look of the frog will look something like this below! 

This frog is so much fun for kids!

They can bounce the frog’s legs and sing frog songs! 

Paper Lantern Frog

Get Your Frog Paper Lantern Template Here

Paper Lantern Frog Template

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