Movable Sheep Paper Doll

Crafts are fun, but the kid’s activities that are capable of moving are fantastic. This Movable Sheep Paper Doll can provide hours of entertainment.

The movable sheep doll also allows for kids to work on their hand-eye coordination. A craft where kids can also work on a skill is a win-win situation.

Movable Sheep Paper Doll Craft for Kids

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As you do this sheep craft with kids, you can help them learn more about these cute animals. Sheep usually live on many farms across the world. The number one reason people keep sheep as farm animals is because of the wool the sheep provide.

How to Make a Movable Sheep Paper Doll

What you need:

  • sheep paper doll template
  • scissors
  • pushpins
  • red yard

Step by Step Tutorial

You are going to start this fun lamb project by printing out the sheep paper doll template.

Once you’ve cut all of the pieces, lay them out to make sure you have everything.

Poke a hole through the legs of the sheep. It will help you put everything together later.

Poke two holes (the white dots) through the sheep’s body.

Use scissors to make the holes bigger.

Take the split pins and put the sheep together.

Do one leg at a time on the sheep.

As you can see, the back legs can move around.

Complete both pairs of legs as shown.

Take the piece of red yarn and put it through the holes. If you don’t have red, you can use any color you have on hand.

Tie the yarn at the end.

Pull the little piece of yarn to move the sheep around.

Movable Sheep Paper Doll

Now you can sing songs and make the sheep run around. You can sing the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as the sheep dances back and forth.

Movable Sheep Paper Doll Craft

The pure joy that this lamb brings to kids is fantastic! You can do this craft with one child or with a whole classroom of kids.

Get the Sheep Movable Paper Doll Template here

Sheep Paper Doll

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