3D Paper Ladybug Craft

Ready for spring crafting? We’re inviting you to make make a lovely 3D Paper Ladybug Craft with us.

This unique ladybug has movable wings and is easy to assemble.

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We love making Spring Crafts and everything related to the season. Get your kids to learn How to Draw a Ladybug on their own in 6 simple steps by following our tutorial.

After they finish, they can color a set of Little Bugs Coloring Pages as well.

DIY 3D Paper Ladybug Craft

Join us making this sweet ladybug today. It is a simple one with movable wings; the bug is ready to take off the green leaf.

Usually, we don’t notice ladybugs outside unless they land on our windows or t-shirts; they’re tiny like pearls, and they hide inside flowers and on the backside of leaves.

DIY Paper Ladybug Craft

And this time, we can craft them in any size we want to (we can make even giant ones, and you can’t find those in nature, right?).

3D Paper Ladybug

We can also animate them so they look natural and craft tons of different personalities for them and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Ladybug Paper Craft

So guys, anytime you want to have a ladybug around your home, grab your papers and craft your favorite one.

We have plenty of them waiting for you on our website!

How to Make a 3D Paper Ladybug Craft

 What you need:

  • green cardstock
  • red cardstock
  • black cardstock
  • split pin
  • scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • compass
  • circle puncher
  • pencil

Materials Used

Let’s start!

Step by Step Tutorial

Take the compass and draw a circle on the green cardstock.

Step 1

Cut out the circle. Our circle has a 4 cm diameter.

Step 1-1

Punch out two circles, a red one and a black one.

Step 2
Divide the red circle into two equal parts. They are the wings.

Step 3

Connect the wings with a split pin at the top, and then push the split pin through the black circle and split its ends …

Step 4-1

… so the wings stay attached to the body.

Step 4-2

Draw and cut out some tiny black circles.

Step 5

Glue these circles on the wings.

Step 5-2

On the black cardstock, draw and cut out the head with two antennae.

Step 6
Glue the head to the ladybug’s body.

Step 6-1

Step 7

Attach the googly eyes on the head.

Step 8
Cut out six thin strips. All of them are approximately 3,5 cm long. These are the legs.

Step 9
Glue them on the ladybug, three on the left side, and three on the right side of the body.

Step 10
Fold the bottom parts of the legs as shown.

Step 11

Glue the ladybug on the green circle. (Notice how we bent the legs a bit so we can glue them on the paper).

Step 12

Your 3D paper ladybug is all done.

DIY Paper Ladybug Spring Craft
Happy spring!

3D Paper Ladybug Craft Idea

Get your 3D Paper Ladybug Craft Template Here

3D Paper Ladybug Craft

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