Printable Vampire Bookmarks – DIY Bookmarks

Free Printable Vampire Bookmarks

These printable vampire bookmarks are not here to suck the blood out of you but to keep your books in check. They shall slip their fangs into the pages and suck on them until you are ready to continue with your book. Printable Vampire Bookmarks These would make the perfect party favors on your Halloween … Read more

Printable Hedgehog Bookmarks

Printable Hedgehog Bookmarks

We have a lovely fall themed printable bookmark to share with you today as we made a set of printable hedgehog bookmarks, one pre-colored and one to color. Printable Hedgehog Bookmarks This printable set is perfect for all hedgehog lovers (they are after all one of the most adorable creatures on this world right?). You’ll … Read more

Printable Pirate Bookmarks – DIY Bookmarks

Pirate Bookmarks

Argh Matey! It’s time to read a book. We created this fun set of printable pirate bookmarks to help you keep your pages in check (even more perfect if you use them along a pirate book). *this post contains affiliate links* Printable Pirate Bookmarks We’ve got a set of two pirate bookmarks, one that is … Read more