Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft

Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft

Christmas time is also time for Angles, whether you are religious or not this handprint and footprint Angel craft is fun to make. Christmas handprint and footprint crafts make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other family members (friends too ūüėČ ) Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft Materials Blue Constructions Paper White, Yellow and Gray Sparkle … Read more

Halloween Handprint and Footprint Art

Halloween Footprint Art

Got creative little footsies and hands? Why not make these two Halloween handprint and footprint art projects – a bat and ghosts! Footprint & Handprint Craft for Halloween What you need: Black and White non toxic washable craft paint 2 paper plates small paint brush construction paper (your choice of color, but black works best … Read more

Summer Themed Handprint and Footprint Art

Footprint and Handprint Art

Bring the little handsies and footisies out as it’s time to make some¬†summer themed handprint and footprint art. These little art projects are great for summer but in all honesty they are fun all year round!   These artsy project are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and even older kids (as they are … Read more

Starfish Footprint Art

Have a little footsie in your household that’s craving some color to do adorable arts and crafts? Try making this starfish footprint art (or well a sea star footprint art as they are now called)! Ocean animal crafts are perfect¬†to do over the summer. There isn’t much you need in order to make this adorable … Read more