Spring Flowers Sponge Painting

Spring Flowers Sponge Painting Art

Give painting a bit of a twist by swapping a regular paint brush with a dish sponge! This spring flowers sponge painting art project was created using just that and just look how wonderful (and cool) it turned out. Kids love a bit of variety when it comes to their painting tools and we are … Read more

DIY Flower Paper Rings – Handy Craft Template Included

Beautiful Flower Paper Rings

If you liked our previous paper rings or rolled paper flower ideas, you are going to love these adorable flower paper rings (and we have a handy template to make these easy peasy). These are amazingly pretty and are actually super simple to make. You can make them in all colors, but we really do … Read more

How to Make Paper Daffodils

DIY Paper Daffodils with a Free Printable Template

Learn how to make paper daffodils with our easy to follow step by step tutorial and a printable template to make things even easier. These are a great spring project for older kids and adults as they do require a bit of skill (not much but as the pieces are small it’s not as suitable … Read more

Tulip in a Heart Card

Tulip in a Heart Card Valentines Day Craft

Be still my heart! This tulip in a heart card is the cutest card your kids can make, either for Valentine’s day or mother’s day. Open up the card and a heart will reveal itself, along with a nice 3D pop up tulip flower. *this post contains affiliate links* This is one of those crafting … Read more

DIY Rolled Paper Roses Valentines Day or Mother’s Day Card

Flower Basket Paper Craft for Kids

You can easily make the most beautiful card for Valentines or Mother’s day! Follow our step by step tutorial that will show you how to make a DIY rolled paper roses Valentines Day Card. *this post contains affiliate links* We love simple ideas that look like they took hours to make! You won’t believe how … Read more