Tissue Paper Roses

Need a quick fancy looking gift for grandma? Or just do some beautiful crafts? Make a bouquet of tissue paper roses!

What’s great about flower crafts is your kids have fun making them and they make a great kid made gift for relatives.

Learn how to make Tissue Paper Roses


These will turn out great with any kind of tissue paper – you can use napkins, tissues, crepe paper…

For this flower craft we used a red napkin as we always have add napkins laying around – either as leftovers from a pack we bought or a souvenir from a visit to the relatives (they always have the nicest napkins!).

What you’ll need!

  • any type of tissue paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • green drinking straws

Tissue Paper Roses How To


Start by cutting out the petal shape (in any size you want your petals to be) with a square “stem” (let’s just call it like that) at the bottom as shown on the first image. If you’re using a napkin be sure to separate all the layers – we’ll be using one layer at a time. We ended up using about 12 petals for one rose but there really is no rule – if you want fuller roses you can use more!

Add a dab of glue to the stem and pinch it together as shown on 3rd image above.

Take another petal, add a dab of glue to the stem and glue it onto the first petal – the second one overlapping the half of the first one (as you can see on the last image above). Pinch at the bottom so the glue sets. Continue with the third petal, this one overlapping the second one. Rinse and repeat with all other petals.

How to Make Tissue Paper Roses

When you are done adding the petals and have a nice rose shape apply a generous amount of glue on the stem part. Push it down the straw you previously cut as shown on the image above – this will make it easier for you to insert the flower part to the stem plus it will help hold the shape of the roses.

Tissue Paper Roses


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