Tape Resist Snowflake Art for Kids

Tape resist snowflake art for kids is one of the easiest winter art ideas you can do with kids. This project is appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten-aged kids, and olders, although you will need to do the taping yourself if working with younger kids. It’s a fun one and can be a little bit messy, something the kids will thoroughly enjoy.

Tape Resist Snowflake Art Idea for Kids

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Winter months mean more time indoors so there is plenty of time to do winter crafts and various art projects. It’s all about snow and snowfakes so do use our templates to make paper snowflakes or create cute winter hats in addition to this art project!

How to Make the Tape Resist Snowflake Art for Kids

What you need:

  • white paper
  • tape (washi or masking tape are best)
  • tempera paints/watercolor paints (three shades of blue)
  • paintbrush

Step by Step Tutorial

If you are working with younger kids (toddlers and preschool) you will need to apply the tape yourself.

Start off with building a snowflake with tape. You can use a canvas or white construction paper as the base for this project. Start by adding tape across the middle of the canvas.

Step 2

Next add two strips of tape, diagonally.

Step 3

Cut the tape in half (or use thinner tape) and add them on the canvas, making the snowflake shape.

Step 4

Once you or your kids are happy with how the snowflake looks, it’s time to move to the next step.

Your kids can use a regular brush, sponge brush, or even their fingers to paint the spaces on their canvas. They can paint it with one color or choose more colors.

Swirl the paintbrush to create rounded shapes.

Step 6

Now take a lighter blue paint and add some more dots.

Step 7

Continue with the lighter blue color.

Step 8

Fill the whole paper around the tapes.

Step 9

It’s time to peel off the tape.

Pull them off gently.

Step 10

The tape resist snowflake art is finished!

Step 11

You can make many of them by mixing different color tones and placing tape differently to create unique snowflakes.

Tape Resist Snowflake Art for Kids

This snowflake will look great anywhere you place it.

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