Toilet Paper Roll Sheep

Celebrate spring or Easter with this cute toilet paper roll sheep craft. Let your kids upcycle toilet paper rolls and with the use of a few cotton balls make the a fluffy sheep craft. This is one of the cutest Easter crafts kids can make; a bunch of these make the cutest little kid-made Easter … Read more

3D Easter Chick Coloring Page

3D Chick Easter Coloring Page

Why color a regular coloring sheet, when you can have your kids color this cool 3D Easter chick coloring page? Add a new dimension to coloring pages, and a whole lot more fun. Not to mention this Easter activity is also great for practicing scissors skills and developing fine motor skills. Grab some colorful paper … Read more

Cotton Easter Bunny Craft

DIY Cotton Bunny Craft

Who doesn’t love a fluffy bunny? This cotton Easter bunny craft is all about fluffiness. No cotton balls? No worries! Your kids can make this cute Easter bunny craft with a variety of other materials, such as crumpled old paper or tissue paper, to give this one a recycled twist. Use play dough for fine … Read more

Curly Sheep Craft for Kids

Curly Sheep Paper Craft

If you’re on the lookout for a fuss-free and enjoyable paper craft for your little ones, this fluffy curly sheep craft for kids is a great project to make. This hands-on project is a great way to keep those little fingers occupied while offering a dose of fun. Using basic materials, we’ll transform simple sheets … Read more

Egg Carton Bee Craft

Egg carton bee craft idea

Using an egg carton and some paint, have the kids make the cutest egg cartoon bee craft. This is an easy bug craft that is suitable for kids in kindergarten (and older). With some help, this project can be made in preschool, too, but you will have to cut out the egg cartons beforehand. These … Read more