Swirly Rainbow Craft for Kids

Welcome spring to your home with the most colorful, swirly rainbow craft for kids! With just a few strips of paper and a dab of glue your kids will be creating this colorful masterpiece, perfect as a spring craft or as a project to celebrate St. Patrick’s (just add a few gold circles to the craft).

We have a template for this one, but it can just as easily be done without one.

Making this in the classroom? You can make the coolest spring bulletin board with these.

Swirly Rainbow Craft for Kids

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Rainbow is a fun theme for making spring crafts with kids, along with bugs and flowers. We love making rainbow crafts as they offer a great opportunity for kids to learn the order of the colors in the rainbow in a hands-on way.

Swirly Rainbow Craft

How to Make the Swirly Rainbow Craft for Kids

What you need:

  • our printable template (optional) or a hand-drawn cloud
  • white print paper
  • cardstock in any color for the background
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template and prepare a sheet of cardstock for the background. We went with a blue one to resemble the sky.

Have kids cut out the cloud shape.

Place the cloud on the top part of the cardstock and mark the bottom (trace around the edge). This will make the next steps easier.

Apply glue above the pencil line.

You can have kids follow the proper order of colors, or just use random ones.

Start with the first paper strip, and stick it on the cardstock. Add all the rest.

Have the kids twist and roll the first paper strip.

Apply a bit of glue at the end.

Press it down on the cardstock. You might need to hold it still for a moment, depending on how strong the glue you are using is.

Have the kids repeat the procedure with all strips.

Glue on the cloud.

The swirly rainbow craft is complete!

Swirly Rainbow Craft Template

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