Rocking Paper Plate Angel

Time to rock another paper plate craft to make with your kids, let’s make a rocking paper plate angel.

Angles are lovely little creatures, they can be made all year round, but are most popular just around Christmas time.

Rocking Paper Plate Angel Craft for Kids. Simple paper plate craft idea for kids to make.*this post contains affiliate links*

This rocking paper plate craft is a nice addition to our Santa Claus paper plate craft, especially if you are planning a fun Christmas crafting session.

The idea being these rocking paper plate crafts is that they can also be used as toys to play with once kids are done making them. But we have another special role in mind for this rocking paper plate – make it all nice and sparkly and replace your star on top of the tree with a darling little angel. Pretty cool right?

Want to make your Christmas tree even more angelic? Make these frugal cotton rounds angel ornaments (so minimalist and fun, but you can certainly make them more colorful).

Ready to make a bunch of lovely little angels?

We sure are! Let’s craft!

Rocking Paper Plate Angel Craft for Kids

How to Make Rocking Paper Plate Angel

What you need:

  • paper plate – one paper plate will make 1 angel
  • black marker
  • colorful paper for hair (yellow, orange, brown, black…)
  • embellishments (glitter…)
  • glue
  • scissors

Watch the Video Tutorial

Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Fold the paper plate in half.

Cut along the fold.

Fold one half into a cone shape.

Unfold, apply glue on one end…

And glue together into a cone shape. Let the glue dry.

We usually use a clothespin to hold things together so we can move to the next step and give the glue enough time to dry.

Take the other half of the paper plate and cut it in half again.

Take the one, now quarter of the paper plate and cut it in half again.

Trim off the edges on both eights of the paper plate.


Take the other quarter and cut out a circle shape or use a punch to punch one.

Place the circle on colorful paper and cut a strip as wide as the circle (roughly as shown on the picture bellow).

Apply glue on top of the paper strip…

And fold it over the circle, making a nice hair line.

Draw face with marker.

Cut arms from the leftover edges (from quarters, or eights of the paper plate).

Fold at one end…

…if you want your angel to be the festive kind, add some decorations to the paper plate cone…

Stick on hands.

And wings…

Don’t forget the head.

All done! You’ve made your rocking paper plate angel.

Rocking Paper Plate Angel Craft

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