Princess Coloring Pages – 30 Printables

It’s time to color like a royal! Print out this amazing set of princess coloring pages and let your kids or you embark on a wonderful coloring adventure. From super simple designs that will delight kids in preschool and kindergarten to enchanting princesses with more details perfect for older kids.

With 30 different printable princess coloring pages designs to choose from your kids will have their hands full.

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Printable Princess Coloring Pages

Not only are these fun all by themselves, they pair up nicely with our mermaid coloring pages set – even more amazing designs to color. Plenty of coloring for your little ones!

Once they are done with these, why not show your kids how to draw a princess as well? With our easy tutorial they will be drawing their own princess coloring pages in no time. Not to mention the pride they will feel once they manage to do it.

Free Printable Princess Coloring Pages

While the whole set is available in our membership, we are sharing a good portion of princess coloring pages as freebies for your kids to enjoy. You can grab a mix of designs, both challenging to color to really simple ones that are more suited for younger kids.

Have your coloring supplies ready? Grab these coloring sheets!

Dancing Princess

Dancing Princess

We’re starting of this coloring adventure with a princess that is dancing around with her wonderful gown. She is really happy about it all it seems!

Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Pages

The hair of this princess is beyond gorgeous. Her necklace will look amazing either in yellow/gold or colored with multiple different colors and the same goes for her dress.

Lady Riding A Horse

Riding a Horse

Princesses are taught to ride horses from an early age so it’s no wonder they excel at it. While pants certainly make horse riding easier, these crafty ladies are skilled at riding horses in royal gowns as well.

Thinking About Prince Charming?


While there are many adventures this princess can have, daydreaming about her prince Charming can sometimes take place. What will he be like? Will he love coloring as much as she does? Will he have a good sense of humour to keep up with her wit?

Carriage and Princess Coloring Page

Princess and Carriage Coloring Pages

When you go out on a ball you go in style, with a fancy carriage. There are so many ways your kids can go about coloring this princess coloring page.

Reading a Book

Princess Coloring Sheet

Princesses aren’t just for show! They should be educated as well. If your child aspires to become a princess, let them color this coloring page and encourage them to read more books in order to become proper princesses.

Princess Coloring Pages for Preschool

Princess Coloring Pages for Preschool

Younger kids (preschool and kindergarten) will love the easier princess coloring pages, where there aren’t many details and the spaces for coloring are big enough to easily color them with crayons.

And this lovely lady is perfect for that age group.

Royal Lady and a Bird

Lady and a Bird

Quite a few details to color in on this royal lady and there is also the adorable bird in her hand.

Gorgeous Gown

Royal gown

Grab all the crayons or coloring pens and markers you have in your household as you can use them all on this wonderful gown. This princess really loves her now dress and it shows.

Princess Coloring Pages for Kindergarten

Princess Coloring Page for Kindergarten

Preschool kids and kids in kindergarten usually prefer simpler designs and as far as princess coloring pages goes, this one is perfect for them. Lots of big spaces to color in and a cute looking little lady.

Exclusive Member Princess Coloring Pages

Want to color more coloring pages and access other quality content? Join the exclusive membership and enjoy coloring the whole set of 30 coloring pages from our library, as well as a ton of other resources.

Here is a preview of all other designs included in this set

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Something surely swept this lady off her feet as you can see the heart bubbles all around her. What could it be and how would one dress when feeling love. Think about the colors you would choose if you were in this kind of situation and color this sheet acordingly.


Princess Coloring Pages

Your kids will love this one, as the floral details really add to this design. There are quit a few details to color in too, so this one should keep the kids busy for a while.

Fashion Princess Coloring Page


This one sure knows how to strike a pose wouldn’t you agree? You can make multiple copies of this one and have your kids color them in in many different ways. It’s a princess fashion week.

Princess and a Frog

Princess and A Frog Coloring Page

Do you know the story of the Frog Prince? This princess coloring page pairs up with that story nicely, so it can be a nice addition to the storytime. It’s great for younger kids as the spaces to color are relatively big and the design is just interesting enough to engage older kids as well.

Easy Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Pages for Preschool

If you are looking for princess coloring pages for toddlers or preschoolers this one (and the next one) are great. Thick lines, big spaces and friendly-looking designs are what will really appeal to them.

Lovely Lady

Princess Coloring Sheet

Even easier to color than the previous design this lady sure is looking lovely.

Mischievous Lady

Silly Lady

Now there is something about this lady that spells trouble. We are sure this one loves to play pranks.

Princess in a Castle

Royal Castle

Princesses live in castles so it’s only fitting we also include a castle in our set. There are quite a few details on this page so it’s best suited for kids in kindergarten and older. Once done coloring you can have the kids try to draw a dragon lurking behind the castle too.

Dancing Princess Coloring Page


This one sure loves to dance. And when one is dancing one needs a fancy dress. Carefully selected crayons or markers will make this dancing gown really shine.

Royal Bouquet


So many beautiful flowers for a beautiful princess… Your kids have many options when it comes to coloring this one.

Princess Coloring Sheet

Princess Coloring Pages

One of our favorite designs! There are so many things going on here and the desing is still quite simple. This one will look beyond amazing once it’s all colored in.

Princess in a Carriage Coloring Page

Princess in a Carriage

When you ride somewhere ride in style, at least this should be the case when it comes to princesses. If your kids are fans of Cinderella, they can make the carriage in pumpkin colors (even draw some pumpkin details).

More Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Page

We’re not done yet! This design is another one that younger kids will love to color. Easy to color spaces and nice thick lines.

Royalty coloring sheet

Princess Coloring Page

This is another easy to color design with thick lines and big spaces to color. Perfect for younger kids to enjoy. They can even use the big crayons.

Princess and Horse

Lady and her horse

This princess and horse coloring page is beyond adorable. Not only will your kids be coloring in a royal lady they will also get to color in her trusted companion – the horse. Will it be a white horse? A gray one? Even with dashes of pink? The choice of colors is entirely in your kids hands.


Lady of the castle

This one is sitting at a table and it looks like she is engaged in a wonderful conversation. What could she be talking about. This is a great conversation starter for your kids.

Over the Rainbow

Rainbow and girl

This little miss is so excited as she is thinking about the rainbow she saw earlier. She can’t remember all the colors though, hmmm what were all the colors?

Fancy Hair

Braided Hair

Sometimes the hair is let loose and sometimes it is braided into the most wonderful braid.


Princess Waving

Make a friend friend. A smile on your face and a wave can be all you need.

Last of Our Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Page

Last but not least we have this beauty in the set.

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