Animals Number Coloring Pages

Let’s count! If you have kids at home that are ready to start learning their numbers these free printable animal number coloring pages will be perfect for them.

Naturally these are fun for kids who already know their numbers too! These are great for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten (I’m sure first graders will like them too though).

Learning combined with coloring pages always turns out great – stress free and fun.

Number Coloring Pages Free Printable

We’ll be counting from 1 to 10 – there’s a number to color on each page plus a corresponding number of animals, mostly farm ones and ones you can find sneaking around farms.

Counting Coloring Pages

Free Printable Animals Number Coloring Pages

So we’ve got 1 horse, 2 cows, 3 pigs, 4 sheep, 5 goats, 6 foxes, 7 chickens, 8 rabbits, 9 squirrels and 10 baby ducks (just keep the fox away from chicken and ducks :)!

Now when it comes to coloring there is one rule I like to enforce – there are no rules!

Well unless you’re practising precision or leaning about the subject on the page.

But when it’s just for fun – or about learning the numbers or alphabet – going over the line is fine (as is being super precise)! Pink sheep? I think they look amazing! Green ducks? Well maybe they are alien ducks! There’s always room for some creativity and imagination.

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Animals Counting Numbers Coloring Pages

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    • Hi! These are a free to use – just click on “click to get your number coloring pages” and print 🙂

  1. Very cute…when I try to print it goes to a print to file and never prints. What am I doing wrong? It never did that with the alphabet ones…thanks in advance. LIsa

    • Hi, I just double checked and tried to print on my end and it printed out normally. Can you try again? Might be just a one time thing?

  2. Hello from Brazil!
    Your ideias are so cool! Thanks for sharing! I’m a Tots English Teacher and find your suggestions handy and interesting.

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