Elephants Coloring Page

Did you know August 12 is World Elephant day? What better way to honour this day than to color this wonderful free elephants coloring page and to help raise awareness by sharing your colored masterpiece?


Elephants Coloring Page – Take on the Challenge and raise Awareness!

Help raise awareness! When you are done coloring share your works on social media along with one of these hashtags #Eleedraw and #WorldElephantDay

This year you can take part in sharing the awareness through your favorite hobby – coloring. It’s simple! Just follow these steps;

  1. Grab your free Elephants Coloring Page (drawn by the talented Rylee Postulo – you can check her out by visiting her Facebook page)
  2. If you have Twitter just click to Tweet: I’ve got the #Eleedraw for #WorldElephantDay! Stay tuned for my masterpiece! @wrldelephantday @EasyPeasyandFun (spread the love)
  3. Print and color your #EleeDraw. 
  4. Share your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #Eleedraw and #WorldElephantDay
  5. Challenge your friends to take part of this coloring challenge too (I’m a firm believer that we can all change the world to a better place if we all start doing small things that matter)

Want to learn more about World Elephant Day? Hop over to Worldelephantday.org

I’m really looking forward to seeing all of your colored creations in support of World Elephant Day (elephants really are fun to color and with the intricate design you’ve got here only the sky is the limit).

Free Elephant Coloring Page for Adults Support World Elephant Day

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