Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath

Spread some unicorn magic with this amazing DIY paper roses unicorn wreath craft. This one can be used as a decoration in your house or you can also stick it on a blank card and make the most magical greeting card.

You can even pop your child’s picture in the middle to make it really, really special.DIY Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath Idea for Kids

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We can all agree unicorns are pretty sweet! We love making unicorn crafts and have quite a few fun projects for younger kids already, this one however is perfect for older kids as it requires some skill and patience (mostly patience).

While making these paper roses is pretty simple, they are small and require good fine motor skill, as well as patience to do more than one. If you will be making this one yourself however, I am pretty sure you will be hooked once you make your first one.

Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath Idea

How to Make the Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath

What you need:

  • construction paper n white, yellow and floral colors
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • round wreath base (store bought or DIY)
  • glue

Step by Step Instructions

Print out the template and cut out all the parts. With a pencil trace the spirals patterns on the craft papers – white colored ones and floral colored ones.

Also trace the horn shape (yellow paper) and outer ear (wite) and inner ear (I recommend beige or pink).

Cut out the traced shapes.

Let’s make the first rolled rose. Take one of the spirals. Start rolling the spiral from the outer end towards the middle.

Roll all the way to the middle.


 Glue the rolled spiral pattern on the center part to secure it.

Repeat with all the other spirals.

You will need a nice number of white ones, as most of the wreath will be covered in


The floral ones will take up a smaller part of the wreath, but you’ll still need quite a few.

Prepare round base for the wreath. You can make the base from craft foam or use a store bought one.

Glue the flowers onto the wreath base. Try to keep the flowers adjacent to each other.

The floral colored roses should take up about a forth of the wreath.

Fill the whole wreath with flowers.

Glue the inner art of the ear on top of the outer one.

Glue the ears on the back of the wreath (next to the floral colored roses) and glue the horn in between the ears.

Let the glue dry. 

Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath

Get the template here: Unicorn Wreath Template

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  1. super cute and fun! I know my girls are going to love making these for their bedroom doors.
    I’m going to try this with our low heat glue guns for that “fast” gluing effect.
    Thank you so much for sharing this fun pattern, as the summer months come along, these kids need a variety of crafts to keep them busy.

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