How to Draw an Elephant – Step by Step Elephant Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to draw an elephant with our easy to follow step by step drawing instructions (and the handy directed drawing printable). This little elephant is super cute and has a cartoon look to it so it will be a fun one for all ages.

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How to Draw an Elephant. A step by step elephant drawing tutorial (and directed drawing printable) that will teach you how to draw an easy cartoon style elephant. Such an adorable one.

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This tutorial has 9 simple to follow steps (just like our rose drawing or horse drawing  <– totally worth checking).

We’ve tried our best to make these instructions as simple as possible (hence 9 steps, rather than our most common 6). But we do think we “nailed it” and created a fail proof tutorial that’s great both for kids and grown ups.

How to Draw an Elephant Step by Step


Elephant Directed Drawing

What you need

  • our directed drawing template (completely optional but super handy, grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • pencil or marker
  • paper

Elephant Drawing Instructions

Step 1

Depending on which direction your elephant will be facing either draw an S or a reversed S.

Start by drawing a S or reversed S

Step 2

Draw another shape just like it under it. You can also see the elephant trunk forming.

Continue drawing the trunk

Step 3

Finish up the trunk. Also start drawing the elephant head and a little “lens” shape at the bottom of the head.

Trunk details, cheek and head

Step 4

Draw the tusk, the big C or reversed C shaped ear and an eye. As this is a cartoon like elephant, there is no need for “attention to detail”. However if you want to be more specific, you can draw rounded ears for an African elephant and more triangle like ears for the Asian elephant.

Ear, tusk and eye

Step 5

Draw the other ear. Also draw a line from the tusk towards the ear, but don’t make it all the way to the ear. You have just drawn your elephant head. Pretty neat right?

Make another ear

Step 6

Draw the first pair of legs.

First pair of legs

Step 7

Make the belly by connecting the legs with a curved line. Also draw the back, start by the ears and work your way through the leg.

Draw the back and belly

Step 8

Continue with the other pair of legs. We’re almost finished!

Draw hind legs

Step 9

All there is left to do is to make the tail and add a few details.

Final details

Congratulations! You have just learned how to draw an elephant. It was way easier than you thought wasn’t it?


Bring your elephant drawing to life with some color. We think blue and gray look great when it comes to coloring an elephant, but let your imagination be the guide.

Color your elephant drawing

Get the How to Draw an Elephant Directed Drawing Printable

How to Draw an Elephant

Happy drawing!

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  1. I love your How To Draw series! But – when I went to the pdf of the elephant, the top of it says “How to draw a horse” – oh dear! Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting these crafts and tutorials together. These are amazing and help me out greatly as the Art-and-craft-er at the clinic I work at.

  2. I am very worst at drawing.But as soon as I drawed the elephant after following the instructions it became the beautiful and cute elephant.Thank u for those tutorialls

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