Heart On a Paper Straw

Simple and sweet – make a heart on a paper straw (or a skewer) as a simple valentines day craft or decoration for your home.

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Give a heart from the heart! This easy project is a great decoration for a V-day party, it can be used as a card or just a quick crafting project to make with your kids.

Heart On a Paper Straw Craft

Heart On a Paper Straw

What you need:

  • construction paper (red, pink, purple or any other color really)
  • paper straws or skewers
  • scissors
  • washi tape (or tape)

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

To make a nice heart shape, fold the paper and cut a half-heart shape (don’t know how? draw a number 2 ;).

This way you will get a nice symmetric heart.

Cut the heart shape into strips of paper.

Make sure the top part of the heart (the bumps) stay together on one strip of paper (this is really important).

Place them in order and start sticking them on the paper straw (washi tape works best here as it’s easy to work with). You can also use regular glue, glue dots, or tape…

Leave a bit of blank space between each paper strip.

That’s pretty much it! Your Heart On a Paper Straw is all done.

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Heart On a Paper Straw Valentine's day Craft

Heart On a Paper Straw Craft for Kids

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