Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

We compiled a list of gifts for 9 year old girls that will give you a good idea on what to get her for her birthday, Christmas or any other occasion really.

Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls - Lots of wonderful ideas here

What gifts does a 9 year old girl want?

So why a gift guide specially for girls? As a matter of fact we whoreheartedly agree that most toys, sports and activities are both for boys and girls, there are girls who like pink 🙂 and that is OK. There are girls who like “girly” stuff and that is OK. With bursting gender stereotypes we do sometimes forget about that. This gift guide offers a balanced selection of pink, think and move :).

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Girls just want to have fun! Her inquiring mind is ready for new challenges the world throws at her. She can be an avid reader, a science aficionado, music lower, board game player…

4 Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls We Absolutely Adore

Avesome Gift Picks for a 9 Year Old

1. Compose Yourself – A great way to get them interested in music (if they are not already)

2. Pie Face Board Game

3. Gummy Candy Maker

4. Snap Circuits – we seriously think these each and every child should have a science kit like this one


Can you really go wrong with candy? Well can you really go wrong with a moderate amount of candy?

Unleash the Writer Within

We love it when kids get creative, and we think these gifts are perfect to steer them into the right direction. Like who wouldn’t love to have their own work published?

There are a few different kits to choose from so pick the one that’s best for your girl.

Write Your Own Story

Make your own book kit

These are all wonderful gifts for 9 year old girls.

Maybe she is more into movies? Or Minecraft for hat matter

Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Making KitMinecraft Movie Stop Motion Making Kit

Make up for a 9 year old girl

We do not mean the “regular one” but a set of scented lip balms might go a long way (no girl wants cracked lips).Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker

Let’s explore the world!

STEAM gifts all the way! There is nothing more exciting than conducting an interesting experiment or tinkering with things. If your girl does not yet have any science kit we recomend you start off with this Big Bag of Science kit as it has quite a nice selection of experiments to conduct.

Big Bag of ScienceBig Bag of Science

There are so many other cool themes to explore and gifts to consider in this department

  • build a robot kits
  • a trip to the museum
  • engineering kits
  • microscope
  • telescope
  • if she loves perfume or lip glosses you can get her a kit to make her own
  • learn to code kits
  • outdoor science kits – learn about the bugs, plants, rocks
  • mineral growing kits

Unleash her inner inventor

Board Games Can Be Great Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

Ticket to RideTicket To Ride Board Game

And they are something the whole family will enjoy.

Some of the game we suggest;


Something for Their Room

Doodle Cotton Pillowcase to Personalize and DecorateDoodle Cotton Pillowcase to Personalize and Decorate

  • new bedding – we love the doodle cotton pillowcases
  • wall art
  • doorbell – privacy is becoming more and more imporant
  • a new desk lamp
  • stationary

Something for a 9 year old girl who loves sports

What sports is she into? This is the first question to ask yourself if you want to pick the perfect gift. Now you can get something that goes along that sport; a new ball if she loves volleyball, new sports clothes fitting for the sport..

Just want something fun for her? How about a basketball hoop for her room?

basketballBasketball Hoop

A Good Book or Two

If you have a reader at home a book is always appreciated! There are many great book series that 9 year olds will like so books are another great gift to pick.

Ticket to the Movies

That is one of the rare things that really hasn’t changed much since we were teens – we all wanted to see that movie everyone was talking about!

Just Something Fun

Emojis are all the rage right now so why not surpise your little girl with a set of emoji pillows? Furthermore we think these mini pillows are beyond adorable – AND you can get a set that has poo too ;).

Plush toys in general are still OK at this age range, but not all girls are fans.

Emoji PillowsEmoji Pillows


Something for a Artsy for the Creative Girl – another wonderful set of gits for 9 year old girls

  • good quality markers.
  • creative art kits – perfect for starting a new creative hobby.
  • art books – how to’s for different techniques.
  • enrolment in art classes.

String Art Book Kit

String Art Book Kit

Does She Keep a Diary?

Maybe it’s time to start keeping one. There are many benefits to keeping a diary. It gets the kids writing, enhancing their creative writing skills. Writing a diary helps the kids to cope with their emotions. It offers them an outlet where they can freely express them self, without fear of judgement.

DiaryWonderful Diary

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