Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls – Birthdays and Christmas

Got a little eitght year old that you want to suprise with the most awesome gift ever? This list of Gifts for 8 year old girls features many great ideas for birthdays and Christmas! You’ll find it all, from cute gifts to gifts for geeky girls.

Fun Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

What gifts does a 8 year old girl want?

So why did we make a gift guide specially for girls? We think all toys are both for boys and girls, and while we are not really fans of “toys for girls” isle in the shop we do know that PINK is OK and “girly” toys are OK and lots of girls do like things that are “girly” and that is OK  as long as there are options for them to choose!

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4 Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls We Absolutely Adore

Avesome Gift Picks for a 9 Year Old

1. Compose Yourself – A great way to get them interested in music (if they are not already)

2. Pie Face Board Game

3. Gummy Candy Maker

4. Snap Circuits – we seriously think these each and every child should have a science kit like this one


Can you really go wrong with candy? Well can you really go wrong with a moderate amount of candy?

Unleash the Writer Within


Unleash the writer within! We love recommending these “Make your own book” sets as we trully feel they are amazing! They give your child the ability to write and recieve a copy of their own book. How crazy cool is that?

Write Your Own Story

   Check it Out  

These are all wonderful gifts for 8 year old girls.

Science Time!

All kids should have science kits at home, they are insanely fun and certainly have that educational value. If your little girl is not yet a fan of science we recommend going with somehting like a Big Bag of Science as it offers a nice variety of cool (and colorful) experiments to do. If she’s a fan of experiments already, we recommend a more spcific set, maybe a build a robot set that also requires some basic coding…

Big Bag of Science

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There are so many other cool themes to explore and gifts to consider in this department

  • a trip to the planetarium
  • a visit to the museum
  • engineering kits
  • microscope or telescope
  • name a star after her (kind of cool)
  • learn to code kits
  • detective set
  • collection of minerals and rocks (along with a magnifying glass)
  • outdoor science kits – learn about the bugs, plants, rocks

Unleash her inner inventor

Let Them Make A Stop Motion Movie

They will write the script, set up a scene, build the main characters and record a stop motion movie with your (or their phone)

Stop Motion Movie Maker

   Check it Out  


Something for Their Room

We love the idea of having a rainbow in your room. Isn’t this just magical?Rainbow in My Room

   Check it Out  

More ideas for gifts for her room

  • new bedding set
  • wall decals
  • cute lamps
  • bean bags
  • school supply organisers
  • dream catcher

Something for a 8 year old girl who loves sports

If you have a sport loving girl you want to get a gift to the first thing to ask youself is what sports is she into? Does she play volleyball? Soccer maybe? Or is she into gymnastics?

  • sports equipment for her favorite sport
  • new dress
  • new shoes
  • ticket to the game
  • new bag

Sports Bag

   Check it Out  

Books make great gifts for 8 year old girls – and well everybody

A good book is always a good gift, a great series makes an even better one. There are many cool books for this age range but we think The Ramona series is one of those that your little girl just has to read.


   Check it Out  

Ticket to the Movies

That is one of the rare things that really hasn’t changed much since we were teens – we all wanted to see that movie everyone was talking about!

Just Something Fun

Remember the spirograph? There really aren’t many toys that were awesome back in the day and that still remain equally, or even more so, popular today. Spirograph certainly is one of those and there are many fun sets that allow for creation of many even more fun designs.

   Check it Out  


More Artsy and Crafty ideas for the Creative Girl – another wonderful set of gits for 8 year old girls

If she already has a crafty or arty hobby then get her something for that hobby – is she loves paining a set of quality brushes. Sculpting? Maybe a set of tools or clay…

  • good quality markers.
  • creative art kits – perfect for starting a new creative hobby.
  • polymer clay and sculpting tools along with a book on how to make polymer clay jewellery.
  • art books – how to’s for different techniques.

Don’t know what she likes or she hasn’t yet explored art? You can go with a generic art supply set that has many different mediums she can exlopre.

Art Set

   Check it Out  


Does She Keep a Diary?

Maybe it’s time to start keeping one. There are many benefits to keeping a diary. It gets the kids writing, enhancing their creative writing skills. Writing a diary helps the kids to cope with their emotions. It offers them an outlet where they can freely express them self, without fear of judgement.


   Check it Out  

A Board Game Or Two

Board games are also great, they will be able to play them with their friends and, more importantly, can be used to have a lovely family game night.


   Check it Out  

There are so many board games that are amazing. Is she does not yet have the classics those will certainly make for a great gift;

  • Monopoly
  • Chess
  • Jenga
  • Scrabble

We hope you found a one or two gifts for 8 year old girls on this list. We will do our best to keep this list up to date, as well new and exciting toys and gifts are hitting the market each year. Have a gift idea? We would certainly love to hear from you, especially if you have a gift idea that you know will make and eight year old supper happy.

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