Flower Full of Love Craft

What’s not to love about a craft that is insanely easy to make and turns out gorgeous – join us in making this flower full of love craft, a craft that will bring joy to kids and adults alike.

This project is great for all ages, as it can easily be modified to suit kids as young as preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Flower Full of Love Craft Idea for Kids

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This particular heart-shaped flower craft is great both as a V-day craft and as a craft to celebrate Mother’s Day. Or as it’s a lovely one, to celebrate any special person on any given day.

How to Make This Flower Full of Love Craft

What you need

  • construction paper in pink, red, purple or any other color of your choosing
  • green construction paper (alternatively you can use a green craft stick or a green paper straw)
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Take a sheet of paper and cut a strip (across the shorter side) that is about 3.5 inches / 9 cm wide. You can make it smaller or bigger.

Fold the strip in half (along the longer side) and cut it in half to get two long equal strips of paper.

The hard work is done.

Apply glue on the end of one of the paper strips.

Glue them together at a right angle. Apply a bit of glue on top of where the two paper strips are glued together.

Take the other end of the paper strip and fold it towards the part you applied glue on. Gently press for the glue to set.

Repeat with the other end.

You’ve got a heart shape that is the base of our love flower.

Take a wide strip of green paper and carefully roll it into a stem (apply glue at the end).

If you are working with younger kids they might find this step too difficult to make on their own, as an alternative they can paint a craft stick green and use that as a stem or use a green paper straw.

Now let’s finish up this flower craft. Apply glue on the stem and gently press the heart-shaped flower on the stem. Wait for the glue to set.

Take a small piece of green construction paper, fold it in half.

Cut out a half circle, unfold and you have a nice-looking leaf.

Stick it onto your flower full of love craft.

Make a whole bouquet with your kids and surprise a dear family member or a friend.

Making these in the classroom makes a great project for making a spring-themed bulletin board.

Flower Full of Love Craft

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