Egg Carton Reindeer Craft Idea for Christmas

Today we are sharing a fun way you can make some egg carton reindeers for a Christmas display! It’s cute, fun and a great way to recycle egg cartons.

We love sharing all kinds of Christmas craft ideas for kids, and we love it even more when a recycling element is included.

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How to Make the Egg Carton Reindeer Craft

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • egg carton
  • cardstock (black, blue, dark brown, white…)
  • black marker
  • paint (brown)
  • paintbrush
  • two red pom-poms
  • white chalk marker
  • googly eyes or googly eye stickers

Step by Step Tutorial

The Background

You can use a single sheet of paper to make the background (cardstock is best to use), or you can make a “frame one”.

For the frame one like we made, let the kids cut out a circle out of blue paper. Apply glue on the circle or the black background paper.

Step 1

And glue the blue circle on the black square shaped paper.

Step 2

The Snow

Cut a semicircle that’s the same size as the blue circle. Cut it from white paper to make the snow.

Cut a wavy line across the half circle.

Step 3

Attach it to the blue circle with glue.

Step 4

The Reindeer

Prepare an egg carton.

Step 5

You will need two raised parts to make one reindeer. So cut them out.

Step 6

With a marker, have them draw a rounded reindeer face with two ears to the inside of one piece.

Step 7

Have them cut out the head shape.

Step 8

Next, have them split the other piece by cutting it in half with scissors.

Step 9

The two pieces are ready for painting.

Step 10

Have them use brown paint to cover the pieces.

Step 11

To create another reindeer, have them follow the previous steps.

After the paint has dried, have them glue the pieces onto the background.

Step 12

The Scarves

They can use any color paper to create tiny scarves for the two reindeer. We went with red and light green. Have them cut out the pieces and glue them to the reindeer.

Step 13

The Noses

We love Rudolph, the reindeer, so we gave these two red noses by gluing on the red pom-poms. Kids can choose brown or any other colored pom-poms for their noses.

Step 14

The Eyes

Have kids add each reindeer two googly eyes.

Step 15

The Clouds

Now, have children grab a piece of white paper – fold it in half, then draw a cloud shape on it. Then, cut out the shape to get two fluffy clouds and glue them to the sky.

Step 16

The Antlers

The reindeer have antlers, so have kids fold a piece of dark brown paper two times, draw one antler on it, and cut out the shape to get four antlers.

Have them glue the antlers on top of the reindeer’s heads.

Step 17

The Snowflakes

Using a white chalk marker, have children draw tiny snowflakes over the sky.

Step 18

Doesn’t this egg carton reindeer craft look fabulous?

Egg Carton Reindeer Craft

These 3D reindeer will be a blast for Christmas crafting.

Egg Carton Reindeer Craft Idea

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