Clothespin Reindeer Craft

Add a nice little detail to your Christmas cards or gifts by making a fun looking clothespin reindeer craft.

Our clothespin snowmen were a huge hit last year, so we thought it would be nice to expand the clothespin family.

Clothespin Reindeer Craft for Kids. Super fun and simple Christmas craft idea for kids to make.

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Handmade gifts are the best and I do like to top them with sweet little details such as these clothespin reindeer. These are a fun Christmas crafty activity both for kids and grown ups to make.

Clothespin Reindeer Craft for Kids

How to Make the Clothespin Reindeer Craft

What you need

  • clothespins
  • brown paint
  • paint brush
  • black marker
  • brown construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • red pom pom
  • yarn

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions

Paint the clothespins brown.

Be careful as the paint dries, you don’t want it acting like a glue and seal shut your clothespin.

With a black marker draw a line for the legs and color in the hooves.

Draw the eyes.

Stick on a red pom pom for the nose.

Cut antlers out of brown construction paper.

Glue the antlers on the clothespin (inside).

Tie a bit of yarn around the clothespin to make a scarf.

All done! Your Clothespin Reindeer Craft is finished.

Happy crafting!

Enjoy crafting 🙂

Cute Clothespin Reindeer Craft

Clothespin Reindeer Craft for Kids to Make

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