How to Make a Paper Butterfly Craft

Who is ready for a craft that will make your kids smile? This Paper Butterfly Craft is so much fun to make! Your kids will feel as though they’re in their very own garden!

Butterflies love to fly around and your kids can be the ones to do that. Whether you are making this for fun or as a learning activity, you can’t go wrong with this craft.

How to make a paper butterfly craft for kids.

Once you start making crafts like this Paper Butterfly Craft, you won’t be able to get enough. You and your kids will enjoy being creative!

How to Make a Paper Butterfly Craft 

What you need:

  • Green, pink, yellow, and brown construction paper
  • Marker
  • Crayons
  • Clue
  • Scissors

Step By Step Tutorial

The first step to making this fun craft is to lay out a half sheet of green construction paper.

Next, you’re going to make the buttefly’s wings. You can simply freehand draw them to look like this.

Glue the butterfly wings to the green sheet of paper. You’re also going to take a half sheet of brown paper, roll it up, and begin the process of creating the butterfly.

Glue one end of the brown piece of construction paper and then roll it into a tube.

Once it’s in a tube, you can glue it to the butterfly wings to give it the body.

You are going to repeat the same process to help make the butterfly head!

Next you are going to cut out for small yellow circles. These circles are going to help make a pattern on the butterfly’s wings.

Next you are going to cut out for smaller blue circles. These are going to be glued on top of the yellow circles.

Now you are going to add the fun eyes! You can make your very own eyes by cutting out white circles. You can trace inside the white circles and also add black dots in the middle.

Don’t forget that the butterfly has antenneas as well!

This will help complete the look of the butterfly. As you can see this Paper Butterfly Craft is easy to make and kids will have so much fun doing it.

Paper Butterfly Craft

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