Black Cat Paper Craft

Love cats? Why not make this lovely little black cat paper craft? This makes a perfect Halloween craft or well just a “any time of the year” crafts as cats are purrfect all year round!

Black Cat Paper Craft

Black Cat Paper Craft


This is our second paper project of the sorts so if you don’t know how to make the paper pinwheel base do check out how we made the paper Jack O’Lantern craft.

To make this one follow the instructions to make the pinwheel, this time using black paper.

Start by folding the paper from one end…

Step 2

…all the way to the other end.

Step 3

Make the folds nice and crisp.

Step 4

Once done, fold the folded paper fan in half.

Step 6

Repeat the process with another sheet of black paper.

Step 7

Glue everything together, start by gluing the paper fan together (where you folded it in half).

Step 8

And then gluing the two half circles together.

If you feel your paper rosette cat is too thin, you can make another folded sheet of paper and glue all three together.

Step 14

Cut two black triangles for the cat ears, strips of white paper for whiskers, a small pink triangle for the snout and two green ellipses on which you’ll need to draw black stripes to make the cat eyes.

Step 15

Use white school glue to glue on the details. Glue gun works well as well and you can get the low-temperature one for kids to safely use.

Black Cat Craft


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Paper Black Cat Craft

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