Doily Christmas Tree Craft

If you are looking for the cutest little Christmas craft to make with younger kids (preschool and kindergarten) this doily Christmas tree craft is a sure winner.

Super easy to make and a guaranteed success, not to mention it’s a great use of various scrap materials.

Doily Christmas Tree Craft Idea for Kids

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Tis’ the season for Christmas crafts! This festive doily craft is easy enough for all age groups to make and pretty enough for all too! You can use green doily or white ones for a classier look or even a combination of both if you want to make a snowy tree.

Doily Christmas Tree Craft Idea for Kids

Younger kids can make this one with cutting the doily, while older kids who are more skilled with folding can make it out of one doily, without cutting, which will give this craft a bit more volume and texture.

Simple Doily Christmas Tree Craft Idea for Kids

This craft can be either made as a display art for the wall or used to make a wonderful Christmas card.

Doily Christmas Tree Craft

How to Make a Doily Christmas Tree Craft

What you need

  • a green or white doily
  • brown paper
  • construction paper for background (we used black)
  • decorations – yellow or glittery star, buttons, pom poms, scrap ribbon, paper….
  • glue
  • scissors

Step by Step Tutorial

Cut a rectangle (tree trunk) out of brown paper and stick it on the base paper.

Take a doily and fold it into a “tree” shape (see bellow).

This might be a bit hard for younger kids, so if working with kindergarteners you can have them just cut the triangle shape out of the doily.

Apply glue on the doily…

…and stick it on the paper base.

Time to decorate your Christmas tree craft.

Add a star and a couple of baubles (either made with buttons, ribbons, scrap paper or any other material.)

Happy crafting.

Doily Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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