Hedgehog Origami For Kids

Time for another origami! This time we’re making an easy origami hedgehog perfect for kids and beginners!

We made a whole bunch of absolutely cute and easy origami for kids over the past few weeks and we can’t have enough!

Origami Hedgehog - Easy Origami for Kids

Hedgehog Origami for Kids

We were quite thrilled when we found an easy to follow step by step tutorial to make an origami hedgehog as this fellow looks adorable and comes out quite big plus it stands on it’s own which is always fun!

You’ll be needing 7 sheets of origami paper for this one (all 7 units fold the same way) and if you’ll be doing this one with kids who have no experience with origami you’ll need to slowly take them through the folding instructions, don’t worry they are pretty easy but might look tricky when you first make one.

See the folding instructions here.

What we loved the most about this one is that it can be a family project – each family member folding a number of pieces joining them together in the end. Fun!

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Think this one was too hard? You can start with super simple corner bookmarks. Or you can try your hand at making this easy owl origami for kids.

Easy Hedgehog Origami For Kids

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