Forest Animals Cootie Catchers – Origami for Kids

Are you ready to play with forest animals? You’ll love these forest animals cootie catchers / fortune tellers – we’ve got a bear, fox, raccoon, deer, rabbit and an owl (or any other bird).

Kids will love folding these simple origami and will have even more fun playing with them (they are amazing for story telling).

Forest Animals Cootie Catchers Origami

Forest Animals Cootie Catchers

You can get a whole set of these adorable cootie catcher for $2.99 + tax.

The Teddy Bear one is free!

Want a taste of these? You can get the Teddy Bear Cootie Catcher.

These little animals come with a few accessories (not all shown on the image) and you can use them (or not).

Teddy bear comes with two bear ears and two bear paws.

Fox comes with two ears, two paws and a tail.

Deer comes with a set of antlers, two legs and two ears.

Raccoon comes with a pair of paws, pair of ears and a tail.

Owl comes with a set of wings.

Bunny rabbit comes with two long ears and two bunny paws.

Grab them from our members area (along with tons of other designs)

Fun Forest Animals Cootie Catchers

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