Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter Printable Template

This right here is not a turkey! It’s a firefighter! Our fun turkey in disguise as firefighter printable lets your kids quickly make a fun disguise for their turkey – and our printable template comes with a fun twist – the disguise can be put on and off at a moment’s notice. How fun, right?

We love a good turkey in disguise project; you can use this fire fighter as an inspiration for your kids to design theirs on their own, or you can grab our fun template to make the process easy peasy.

We’ve also included a set of writing prompts that can be added to this one, as we do love a craft that also adds an educational element.

Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter Printable Template

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Fueled by gratitude for those who selflessly protect and serve, this turkey decided to don the attire of a firefighter. Adorning himself or herself in the symbolic gear of these everyday heroes and with a heart full of admiration for the firefighters who risk their lives to keep others safe, this turkey hoped that his disguise would serve as a tribute to their unwavering dedication. A perfect disguise!

Also, check our turkey coloring pages and how to draw a turkey tutorial which are a great addition to this fun project.

Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter Paper Craft

What we love most about our printable template is that it combines both turkey with and without the firefighter costume, so this turkey can put on his or her firefighter outfit and take it down – something your kids will be excited about.

Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter

How to Make the Turkey in Firefighter Disguise

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab the fire fighter outfit printout for free at the end of the tutorial, or get the whole set with over 25 outfits).
  • coloring supplies (markers or crayons are best)
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Have the kids color the base sheet (the one with text or the one with a small rectangle above the turkey) with colors that will make it look like a regular turkey. Brown, yellow, orange, and red tones are usually a great pick.

Take another printout, the one that only has the turkey. This will be our disguised turkey. Not all parts will be hidden by the disguise, so have the kids think carefully about how they want to color their turkeys.

We made the tail orange and yellow so that it resembled a fire.

Next, color the printout with the disguise and the fire hidrant.

Cut out all the accessories and the turkey that was colored to have a flame tail.

Stick on the accessories. We started with the firefighter’s coat.

A helmet is a must and so are the boots.

To make the firefighter disguise even more believable, we also added a fire hydrant and a hose.

Now take the prinout with a regular-looking turkey and fold along the dashed lines.

Apply glue on the area just bellow the turkey (or if you printed the other base, on the folded small rectangle).

Take the disguised turkey and stick it on top, making sure the turkey underneath is completely covered.

All done!

Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter Craft

Now it’s time to see this Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter Printable Template in action. Flip the pages to put the fireman disguise on and off.

Disguise a Turkey as a Firefighter Printable Craft

Get Even More Outfits

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