Turkey Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

We’ve got a massive set of turkey coloring pages for all the turkey lovers out there! This bird really is something as it’s one of the closest relatives to dinosaurs. Just how cool is that?

Turkey Coloring Pages

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Printable Turkey Coloring Pages

Prepare your crayons and other coloring supplies, for we got a bunch of Turkey Coloring Pages to color.

They will come in handy for Thanksgiving Day or any other time during the Fall season. The designs are great for pre-K and kindergartners.

After your kids finish coloring these beautiful birds, they can follow our guided tutorial on Drawing a Turkey in only nine easy steps.

If they want to use their crayons some more, we have another vast set of Fall Coloring Pages for the little hands.

Free Printable Turkey Coloring Pages

Our set consists of 30 turkey coloring sheets, ranging from simple motives to more advanced designs.

We prepared ten free turkey coloring pages for your students to begin.

To grab the whole set, visit our membership library and have the young ones color them all. There you’ll find a whole lot of different educative content your kids might like.

Waving Turkey

Waving Turkey Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a turkey waving? Here he is, looking forward to getting some colorful feathers. Grab your supplies, color this cute bird, and wave him back!

Happy Turkey Coloring Page

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Look how joyful this turkey is! We love how he spreads his wings. He looks like he might be in love, what do you think? Have your kids color the whole page.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Cute Turkey Coloring Sheet

Another cute bird – this coloring page will be great to color for Thanksgiving Day. Kids can paint each feather in a different color. We think this turkey will look amazing!

Turkey Day

Turkey Coloring Sheet

Are those snowflakes? This turkey found himself all alone outdoors in the wintertime. Make him warm by coloring the whole page.

Sitting Turkey Coloring Sheet

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Page

We believe this sitting turkey coloring sheet will bring your kids as much joy as it brought us. Have them use their colorful crayons or markers and color the bird and its big wattle.

Baby Turkey Coloring Sheet

Baby Turkey Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a baby turkey? He looks so adorable and happy. Use this page for Thanksgiving day or any other day in the Fall, and have your kids color it.

Turkey in Forest Coloring Sheet

Turkey in Forest Coloring Sheet

Turkeys love adventures and hiking – this cute fellow is currently in the forest. Go and print out the page, then use your markers to make him pop out of the greenery.

Beautiful Turkey Coloring Page

Beautiful Turkey Coloring Page

They love to fan their tail feathers – these particular birds are fearless and proud. Have your kids color this sheet with brown, yellow, orange, or any other color they want.

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Sheet

Have fun for Thanksgiving by coloring another lovely turkey. His spread feathers will look amazing in various colors – have your children choose their best markers and have fun.

Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Coloring Pages

“Peek-a-boo,” said the turkey when he looked through the wooden window. Enjoy coloring this bird. We think this coloring page will look fabulous as a Fall decoration on a wall.

Exclusive Member Turkey Coloring Pages

Our collection includes 30 different turkey coloring sheets, and we bet your kids or students will love to color them all.

We kindly invite you to become our member and access the whole set plus multiple educative contents specially made for younger and older kids to get the whole set.

Take a look at the previews of the rest of the set.

Lost Turkey

Wandering Around

Take a walk with a feathery friend and have fun coloring the whole page with your favorite crayons. You can make the sky blue, grass green, and the turkey in vivid colors to make him stand out.

In the Fall

Resting Turkey Coloring Page

Fall is the season of turkeys, and we love when the leaves start falling off the trees. Everything is in brown, orange, yellow, and red shades, and we think this page will look great.

Under the Rainbow

Under the Rainbow

Turkeys love walking around, especially if the weather is nice. Grab your markers, and color the turkey, the path, trees, birds, and the rainbow in any colors you want.

Among the Pumpkins

Turkey and Pumpkins

The fall season brings us a bunch of pumpkins, turkeys, and lovely colors. Have fun coloring this page. You can use it for Halloween coloring too!

Turkey Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Turkey

Another easy-to-color turkey – perfect for smaller kids, as it consists out of vast areas. Enjoy the Fall season as this bird enjoys its walk.

Chubby Turkey

Thanksgiving Bird Coloring Page

Is this chubby friend scared or just waiting for its friends? You decide while you color your glorious turkey.

Thanksgiving Day Bird

Walking Around

You can never be too careful while you explore the outdoors. Have fun coloring this page, and have your kids use all of their best markers.

Turkey in the Spring

Enjoying the Nature

This romantic turkey found a lovely tulip – we wonder if he’ll give it to his friend on such a beautiful day—Color the bird, the bees, the grass, and the tree.

Turkey Coloring Sheet

Turkey Coloring Pages

Smile with our turkey coloring sheet and make him as colorful as you can. You can use any coloring supplies to make its tail pop out.

Beautiful Turkey Bird

Strutting Turkey Coloring Page

Did you know male turkeys are called “gobblers”? They can make such a unique sound when they sing. Have fun coloring this gobbler pal with your favorite colors.

Family of Turkeys Coloring Page

Family of Turkeys Coloring Sheet

What a beautiful sight – a momma turkey with her chicks. They will grow up soon, so better grab those markers and color the whole family.


Laying Eggs

A caring mother turkey always takes care of her eggs. She is delicately sitting in the nest, warming them with her body heat. Help her make the page neat with some warm colors.

Big Turkey Coloring Sheet

Big Turkey Coloring Page

These birds can grow big – the coloring sheet is perfect for the youngest kids who need broad areas for coloring. Have them use their best coloring supplies and enjoy the Fall season.

Wild Turkey Coloring Pages

Wild Turkey Coloring Pages

Wild turkeys are one of the most beautiful birds – they can camouflage so well you can’t even spot them if they’re near you—a perfect coloring page for young artists.

Exploring the Nature

A lot of turkeys like to explore every bit of their surroundings. They are cautious and have beautiful tails. Enjoy coloring this one for Thanksgiving Day.

Sitting Bird

Baby Turkey Coloring Page

The youngest turkeys get tired quickly and need to take a rest after play. This baby bird sits on the floor, just waiting to get some vivid colors on its tail and body.

Proudly Walking

Proudly Walking Around

Because they’re so big and pretty, turkeys like to walk with their heads up. They seem so proud of their colorful feathers. We think this friend will look great in all kinds of red, orange, yellow or brown.

Cute Turkey Coloring Sheet

Cute Turkey

Another cutie-pie – a baby turkey coloring page your kids will love. This sheet is especially suitable for smaller kids as it includes vast areas for coloring. Have fun!

Turkey and Falling Leaves

Laughing in the Fall

Who doesn’t love the falling leaves on a windy day? We know this turkey indeed enjoys the Fall and can’t wait to get some colors.

Cheerful Bird Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Dance like a turkey and color this cheerful bird with your favorite coloring supplies. We know your kids will make him pop out, especially if they color the background.

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