Candy Corn Shot Glasses – Halloween Desserts

Halloween Desserts

If you need something that’s fairly easy to make and will impress your guests you must give this Candy Corn Shot Glasses with Candy Corn Whip a try! It’s a perfect Halloween dessert and an extra tasty treat for all you candy corn lovers! *This post contains affiliate links* When I first saw the shot … Read more

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

Follow this simple homemade window cleaner recipe and save your money and environment! Homemade cleaners are great for so many reasons – they’re frugal, you always know what you put in it, more often than not are way friendlier to your skin than store bought ones as they are non-toxic and they do the job (amongst other … Read more

Give Your Old Umbrella a New Look

Have an old umbrella that has a boring look? Why not give it a makeover and have a “new” fancy looking umbrella in no time! This is a great DIY project both for grown ups and kids! Give Your Old Umbrella a New Look You will need an old and dull looking umbrella, waterproof paints … Read more