Give Your Old Umbrella a New Look

Have an old umbrella that has a boring look? Why not give it a makeover and have a “new” fancy looking umbrella in no time!

This is a great DIY project both for grown ups and kids!

Umbrealla Makeover

Give Your Old Umbrella a New Look

You will need an old and dull looking umbrella, waterproof paints (acrylic paints are great but you could also use textile paints or if younger kids will be working on this project textile markers), brush – sponge brush works out the best for this project, crafting knife or if you have a cutting machine (like Silhouette) that will be even better.

If you will be making the same motive as I did you can use my templates

PDF file – Butterflies Template

Silhouette cutting file – Butterflies Template (unzip and open in Silhouette studio)

Once you have your stencil cut we can start and have some fun!

DIY Umbrella Makeover


Open the umbrella and with some duct tape secure the stencil wherever you want to. Now if you’re working with a detailed stencil as I have you’ll also need to use your fingers to press it down (unless you made the stencil on a self adhesive paper) where you will paint it so that the paint does not go under the stencil. Slowly work your way through the whole stencil. Depending on the color (both of the paint and umbrella) you might need to apply more than one layer of paint. And you’re done! Now rinse and repeat as many times as you want!

Note: Don’t dilute the paint with water as umbrellas are sneaky (well they do what they are supposed to do) and repel water.

There you go, you just gave your old umbrella a new look! Pretty fancy isn’t it?

Give Your Old Umbrella a New Look

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