Dollar Store Wooden Tray Makeover

There are about a thousand ways you can make a dollar store wooden tray awesome and this “sea horse in the ocean” is just one idea that is perfect for kids and grown ups!

Dollar Store Wooden Tray Makeover

What you’ll need:

  • wooden tray (you can almost always get them in dollar store – if they don’t have it a craft store is your next option)
  • watercolors and brush (watercolor pens work out great too)
  • stencil and duct tape

Watercolor Tray

Cut out the stencil -I’ve also cut out the inside of the stencil as this made it way easier to secure it with duct tape. Next step, logically is to use some duct tape to secure the stencil.

All there’s left to do is to color the wooden tray all around the stencil.

Now if you take a more detailed stencil you won’t be able to perfectly duct tape it in all places so when you color around that areas press the stencil down with your fingers to make sure the watercolors do not get under the stencil (as they get soaked into the wood fairy quickly you won’t have much trouble doing that).

This wooden tray makeover will make a cheap tray really stand out and you can even play with textures – like adding some salt while you paint, rubbing alcohol etc…

Dollar Store Wooden Tray Makeover with Watercolors

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