Printable Cake Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Join us in a delightful world of sweetness and creativity! We’re inviting you on a delicious coloring adventure with our printable cake coloring pages, perfect for kids of all ages. Many of these tasty-looking designs are available as free printables, just print and color.

And what is best, you can use them throughout the whole year, for birthday parties, hot summer days, weddings; you name it.

Printable Cake Coloring Pages

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Printable Cake Coloring Pages

Cake coloring sheets offer endless opportunities for kids to unleash their creativity and make them as colorful as they wish.

Are you getting ready for a birthday party? Have kids learn How to Draw a Cake, and after that, have them color our set of Happy Birthday Coloring Pages as well.

If your kids are craving more coloring fun, we have great news! Our collection doesn’t stop here – we have a treasure trove of 1000 + additional coloring sheets waiting to be explored.

Free Printable Cake Coloring Pages

We gathered Ten Free Cake Coloring Sheets for the young artists. To download the ones you like, click on the “Get in there” button under the preview image and print it out.

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Flavors and Aromas

Cake on the Table Coloring Page

Gather the coloring tools, and have kids color our lovely cake on a pedestal with a delicious piece of cake on a delicate plate, accompanied by hot tea. We can already smell the aromas and imagine the flavors!

Cake Party

Party Desserts

There is a party going on! Our following cake coloring sheet is a feast for the eyes, showcasing a yummy cake adorned with a single flickering candle and a bunch of delicious cookies and candies. Kids can color the whole page with their favorite coloring supplies.

Three Cakes

Cakes Coloring Sheet

This coloring sheet will satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth. It includes not just one but three delicious cakes, each with its unique design and flavor.

Chocolatey Goodness

Yummy Chocolate Cake

We have a towering chocolate cake that is too tempting to resist! Young artists can color the smooth and creamy frosting and the bars of chocolate bars peeking out from the top. They can use browns, pinks, or whatever colors they like.

Enchanting Four-Tier Cake

Four-Tier Cake with Roses

This magnificent four-tier take, adorned with swirls of creamy frosting and delicate clusters of tiny flowers, will look amazing after it is colored. The three stunning rose blooms will add a touch of romance and make the cake stand out even more.

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake

Are you having a celebration? The delightful creation is the perfect way to spread birthday cheer! Have the young ones color the layers, decorations, and the “Happy Birthday” caption with vibrant or pastel shades.

Square Sweetness

Square Cake Coloring Sheet

If you’re looking for a cake coloring page that is easy to color, look no further! Our page is ideal for developing artistic skills and features a charming square piece of cake that will look amazing when brought to life with color.

Cake Slice

Creamy Cake on a Plate

Have kids color the multiple layers this cake coloring page has to offer. Our cake is sitting temptingly on a plate and is adorned with three creamy swirls that add an extra touch of delight.


Celebration Cake

Prepare to be amazed by our delightful, slightly askew dessert! Our unique cake holds an abundance of delicious ingredients. Its playful tilt adds a touch of whimsy to any celebration. Have kids color the whole page!

Strawberry Topping

Strawberry on Top

Get ready for a celebration of sweetness with our three-tier cake coloring page! Our dessert is standing tall and proud, and perched graciously on the very top, a sweet strawberry awaits! Have kids color this edible masterpiece!

Member Cake Coloring Pages

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Prestigious Dessert

Royal Cake

Ready to have your kids color a more detailed cake? Our beautiful three-tier cake is brimming with beauty and is adorned with delicate flower blooms and delightful sweet toppings. Have them color the whole sheet.

Cartoonish Cake

Big Cake Coloring Page

Kids will love to color this big, cartoonish four-tier cake with a playful design. It is easy to color and a perfect canvas for an enjoyable coloring experience. Have them color the toppings star-shape sprinkles, frosting, or add some of their decorations.

Cherry on Top

Cherry Flavor Cake

We love cakes on pedestals, and this one is waiting for the young artist’s touch to bring it to life with color. The easy-to-color design is perfect for beginners.

Cake Time

Candles on a Cake

The page features a cake that has already been cut, with one piece missing, revealing the delicious layers within. Kids will find seven candles adorned with a unique and charming design atop the cake. Have them color the whole page with vivid colors.

Cherry Joy

Sweet Cherry Dessert

The simplicity of this cake makes it a joy to color. Kids will effortlessly fill in the designs with their best crayons, markers, or other coloring supplies. The cake is perfect for beginners with its bold lines and defined sections. Don’t let them forget about the six sweet cherries on top!


Tasty Cake Coloring Page

Your kids can now visualize the delightful flavors and textures that make this cake slice a true delight for the senses. Have them pick their best colors and make this page stand out with mouthwatering cut cake pieces!

Under a Glassy Dome

Delicious Cake Coloring Sheet

Have your kids improve their fine motor skills as they color all the details on this delightful cake coloring page. It features a cut piece of cake under a glassy dome, and it will look amazing after they give it some color.

Slice of Cherry Cake

Cake Slice Coloring Page

Set upon a pedestal, our delicious slice of cake showcases broad layers and toppings, creating an easy-to-color design for young artists. And what about a pair of cherries perched atop? Have them color the whole coloring sheet.

Fruity Fantasy

Fruit Cake

Kids can color juicy strawberries, plump cherries, and rich blueberries atop the following cake. The two-tier beauty awaits to be colored with their favorite tones.

First Birthday

Candle on a Cake

Gather around the youngest coloring enthusiasts and print this easy-to-color cake page. It features a yummy dessert with a single candle on top and is ideal for tiny hands and developing coloring skills.

Three-Tier Beauty

Easy Cake Coloring Sheet

Whether your kids prefer bold or bright shades or soft pastel tones, this dessert is ready to come to life with their favorite coloring tools. The design is easy to color and appropriate for kids of all ages.

Lemon Mint Cake

Lemon Mint Cake Coloring Page

We got another beautifully decorated cake adorned with three slices of tangy lemon and fresh mint leaves. Have kids explore techniques and shading styles to make it look incredibly realistic.

Party Sweets

Tall Party Cake

Ready for another delicious scene? Get those coloring supplies out of the drawers and have children color the cake, cookies, bow, ice cream, and sweet cream with pastel shades or bold and vibrant hues.

Melting Cake

Cake Melting Coloring Page

Our melting cake is perfect for artists of any skill level. Have them grab their coloring supplies and let the creativity flow with all the vibrant colors and contrasts.

Yummy Dessert

Tasty Cake

The following coloring page includes a cake generously topped with sweet cream and crowned with a juicy, ripe strawberry. Have kids enjoy coloring every part, and make the page as colorful as possible.

Five Candles

Fruity Cake Coloring Page

Are your kids ready for another sweet beauty? They can bring this cake masterpiece to life, adding vibrancy and depth to the swirls of cream, juicy blueberries, and bright red strawberries. Don’t let them forget to color in the five candles on top!

One Slice Missing

Cake Missing a Slice Coloring Sheet

Here is a great cake coloring page for preschoolers and kindergartners. The broad areas are easy to color, while our tempting cake with a missing slice reveals its delicious layers. The swirls on top will look great in vivid colors!

Vanilla Elegance

Vanilla Cake Coloring Page

As your kids color this magnificent three-tier cake, they’ll dive into a world of sweetness, whimsical toppings, and colorful sprinkles. We think the page will look amazing after they finish!

Sweet Swirls

Five Layer Cake

Have kids grab their coloring supplies and hop on a coloring journey with our fabulous cake coloring page. The towering five-layer dessert is decorated with swirly sweet cream, cookies, and chocolate sticks, creating a visual feast for the young artist’s eyes.

Wedding Cake Coloring Page

Wedding Cake with a Fiancee and Fiance

Our cake coloring path ends with a magnificent three-tier wedding cake, exquisitely decorated for a special celebration of love. It will be a blast for kids to color. At the very top, you’ll find a charming figure of a fiancée and fiancé, captured in a sweet embrace, sharing a tender kiss. Happy coloring!

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